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by iuzeit
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Hi everyone, I've been doing some research into solo ads and ad swaps. I've never given them a try and thought I would. I've looked at several websites and some people here. But what I am seeing that a large majority of solo ads and ad swaps have to do with IM.

I'd like to have lists on different subjects like exercise equipment, dog training, and camping equipment. I'm sure people have built lists other than IM lists using solo ads, so I'm looking for advice as to if you find enough providers and where you would find them?
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    there is a bunch solo ad sites popping up these days as this is a hot topic.

    Just watch out for the micro-worker clicks for any guaranteed click deal.

    Cause anyone can get you clicks on any "topic" you want......

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    Hello Op,

    Yes, Solo ads can be and are very powerful inside and outside of IM. And yes, they are relatively easy to find for IM and harder for other niches. A few considerations:

    - Look for and/or contact newsletters, forums, authority sites, and social pages (like FB) that are in the niche you want to target. They may advertise selling solos and if not, they may be interested in doing it if you contact them.
    - Buying solos is spending money. Make sure you have a quality funnel set up to capture and convert those leads into whatever you are trying to do. I would recommend branding yourself or your business at every turn.
    - With non IMers, they aren't necessarily used to getting emailed daily so I would start out at a lower frequency of mailing - maybe every 3 days MAX, but probably more like every 5. Then again, it totally depends on what you are marketing and what your new sub and unsub rates are.
    - There are existing directories of nonIM niche solo ad sellers, but you need to know what you are doing before you spend a bunch of money with them and I'm not going to post them publicly.
    - Get a 'cheap' course on solo ads or email marketing from a solid warrior here for less than $20 and study it.

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