Someone Who Opens Emails But Doesn't Click

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Let's say you have subscribers that have opened every email you've sent them for months, but they never click on anything.

What does this tell us? I'd love to hear your feedback!
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    You haven't piqued their interest enough.
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    Originally Posted by mosthost View Post

    Let's say you have subscribers that have opened every email you've sent them for months, but they never click on anything.

    What does this tell us? I'd love to hear your feedback!
    If they've opened the e-mails but your tracking shows
    that they've not clicked on anything...

    They're not sufficiently interested in what you're sending
    them to even click through.

    Or, if you're including the destination URL in the anchor
    text, they could be copy and pasting that links so they're
    not tracked.

    This is all assuming your link tracking is working correctly
    of course.

    Dedicated to mutual success,



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    They're obviously not interested in what your sending them. You may have a misleading title to the email, and what they expected was not there. Lot's of possible reasons.
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      My experience has been that getting your potentials to open the email is half the battle.

      If you're getting folks to open your emails then that's a good thing -- it means THEY ARE interested. They wouldn't open the email if they weren't.

      It's obvious that your losing them because of the content/format/setup/offering in your email.

      That's where you need work. Perhaps it's what others are saying: your subject line is deceptive, the product(s) that you're offering is consistently NOT a good fit with your potential customer(s).

      Why not just bite the bullet and ASK your subscribers what's on their mind? What kind of items would interest them. More often than not, people are flattered to have the chance to offer their opinions. Perhaps from the data gleamed from such a survey you can get higher conversions.
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    Hi Op,

    Depending on what your list is like and what your relationship is to them, it generally says that the email copy isn't leading them to click.

    With solo ads and swaps it's commonly talked about that you aren't writing the swipe to inform or qualify the potential buyer or sub, but to get them to click on the link. So the entire swipe is generalized to the point that you don't weed out people buy saying too much about what they'll see when they click. That's why we all see headlines and copy like " $1,254 in one week!" or "make money to fire your boss" or whatever. They aren't telling you that it's in offine or online or with CPA or SEO or whatever.

    You Are Not Your Thoughts
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    They were interested enough to open. So that should mean the subject line was good enough. But the email content wasn't compelling enough to get them to click.

    Still, I'm surprised they don't hit 'Unsubscribe' after a certain number of times. That's why I'm not sure if I should keep repeating the basic message or send an entirely different offer.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone
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    I think the attention thing is right, I try not to read any emails when working on my business, cause before you know it you've spend a hour reading emails, nowadays the only ones I read are from the ones I am expecting or the ones that really get my attention,( I just have to open it).
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      There are a ton of people who use "email readers" so
      that might be the problem. For example, the email
      might be automatically opened on an iphone or
      blackberry. Those smart phones configured.

      That might be a small minority - but yeah, another
      possibility is that you're hard-selling and not writing
      good enough copy in your email.

      You're not giving value and you're giving off the vibe
      that: Hey, I'm here to sell you something. It's a
      good product, you should buy it.

      And that pushes people away.

      Winston Tian

      The Beginner's Doctor

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    Try a test email with an abolutely unresistable time limited offer that expired when they opened it!
    Marketing & Promoting Websites Since 1994 for open and honest WSO reviews
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    It tells you that they're not interested in what you're talking about, you're selling too much or you're not making it easy enough for them.

    You want to make email copy super super easy for your subscribers. You want to build curiosity in the subject line, enough to make them open the email. But at the same time you want it to kind of reveal what's in the email - like a teaser.


    Generally the more links you add, the more clicks you will get. I always tell a short story at the beginning of an email. Then use some emotional triggers to keep your subscribers reading, then talk about how whatever you're selling is going to solve their problems and LINK...

    Here's an email I sent out the other week that got an 80% click through rate out of the people who read it:

    Post Penguin Domination
    Hey {!firstname_fix} , it's been a little over a week since I last sent out an email.
    Last week I talked about the science of getting rich and why you need to use paid traffic in your online marketing.

    Although I talked about paid marketing; I still love getting free traffic from Google and I believe I've found a "loophole" that will allow you and anyone else to quickly rank in the deadly Post Penguin environment.

    If you've been paying attention to Internet Marketing lately, you should have heard about the infamous Google Penguin update...

    ...The update that crushed millions of people around the globe and changed the face of SEO forever.

    I'm sure we'll be remembering April 24th for a long time, and if you were affected by the update; this email is going out to you directly...

    SEO's, crazy scientists and even the elderly have been searching for a "Penguin Cure" ever since that day. Unfortunately, a cure is yet to be found. But that doesn't mean you can't recover or even improve your rankings.

    In fact, I found this thing that will show you how to:

    Rank Brand New Sites On Page One Using Penguin Friendly Methods
    Leverage The Power Of Syndication
    Unleash The Sheer Force Of Social Networks
    Use Old School Content Marketing to Dominate In The Post-Penguin Apocalyptic Environment
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    If you've been on this list for long, you should know that I RARELY promote anything. And by rarely I mean a few times a year. So you should know that when I tell you to do, think or buy something; you should.

    This system works and has been proven to resurrect sites from penguin penalties and even explode rankings of sites in any condition. So this is my no B.S. promo for this product. I honestly believe it'll help you in the most profound way.

    Quickly grab this time-sensitive offer while it lasts. Inside the product you'll find:

    Step by step videos and PDF guides demonstrating the A-to-Z process they use to quickly rank post-penguin...
    The backlinks that Google now rewards sites for, and how to get hundreds of them for free...
    A mind blowing list of free applications that the creators use to power up new sites from day one...
    The precise outsourcing solution they use for less than $5 that saves them weeks worth of time!
    ...Hurry up and grab this thing before they shut it down!

    Talk Soon,


    p.s. If you're not 100% happy with this product - you can get your money back within 60 days! Click here to grab it.


    Lots of triggers, hypnotic words, a story and I actually say this is a NO BS promo... You can't over do curiosity building i.e. curiosity builder in the subject, curiosity builder in the email and then "find out what this top secret ever so secret "thing" is by clicking here".

    Emails should pre-sell - and build a little curiosity. I used like 6 links in that email, 6 links has been the magic number for me.
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