Affiliate marketing for non experts

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I don't have a niche I could do much blogging on. What do you recommend? I want to write useful blog posts everyday , but I'm not really knowledgeable of any particular subject.

I know... I should pick a topic and start working on becoming an expert on it. But what should I do in the mean time.
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    There's a thread on here that shows you how to become an expert at a niche in 3 days with some studying. Design the blog in the meantime, and learn about your niche for a few days.

    Good luck
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    Have you solved any problem in your life or a life of a relative that took some effort/research to solve ? Well others have the same problem. You can help them with your experience.

    Have you built a bomb shelter or storm shelter ? You can write about that.
    Taught your son how to use power tools ? Yes you can write about that too.
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  • First thing you gotta do is figure out what you want to do. No one can tell you that. Maybe blogging isn't for you. You can do some kind of lead generation using social media. You can sell on ebay. You can paint painting. Only you can decide.
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      When I picked my first niche I chose something that I was seriously interested in learning. I than did as much research as I could and even interviewed a few experts in it. I am certain that you can become educated enough to start blogging an then learn as you go.
      Good luck!
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    Find a hobby your into and work around that.

    Then find what others are doing in that niche.
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