How to take advantage of my stay in one of the topmost Tourist Attractions in the Country?

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I stay in a place where people flock in huge numbers. Its a huge business here. Travel industry earns a lot and thats the USP of my place.

Now how should I take the best Advantage of it? I was thinking to open up a niche travel blog which would cover the place(Which would be huge as I would have to cover hotels, beaches, attractions etc :confused

How should I go about it? Do you think its a good idea? Well, I dont have much money to travel all the places to click pictures(Which if done could make my blog very unique to those ****ty triadvisor site)

Please advise
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    Might help if you actually write where you live and what this big tourist attraction is. But if you're just getting the idea to somehow cash in on that now, I can guarantee you that it's already been done -- YEARS AND YEARS ago.

    You probably don't have much of a chance in a huge crowd like that.
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    I would give the opposite opinion of GMD. A big saturated tourist market is a good thing.

    If you actually live in the touristed place and you have a genuine interest in it's attractions and helping people then a travel blog can be a great start.

    The key is to find a niche or angle for your blog. It depends on the size of your market how specific you make your niche. For example, San Francisco is such a huge market that you could do a travel blog just on The Wharf attractions, sites used in movies, sites of famous murders/crimes.

    The domain should be brandable but also recognizable as a tourism info site with keywords if appropriate.

    You then create a combination of your own original content as well as curated content from other sources and create a site that caters to people looking for that specific niche.

    To begin with you would add content without any monetization. Once you start getting some rankings and traffic, adsense is a good place to start because Travel clicks,especially specific 'long tails' pay well.

    Use facebook, YouTube and Pinterest to build traffic.

    Tourism is great for photos and videos. Take photos or find great photos of your city featuring attractions and activities for your niche. Pin and re-pin on Pinterest. That will drive flocks.

    Do little video walking tours with a simple camera or iPhone and post them on YouTube and your site.

    Once you have traffic and a following, you can expand your monetization by selling ad space direct to local advertisers and banner ads from other networks.

    If your blog/website has a personal view and can find a niche audience big enough, it can make good money.

    Once it is set up it would be easy to maintain. Write one article a week on something you want to feature and combine that with 2-3 guest/curated articles.

    Encourage user feedback and answer any questions in the comments, like "would this attraction be suitable for children", "can you bring a camera", "are pets allowed", etc.

    Use fiverr and find people who will make little tourism videos of their favourite attraction/place/eatery in your city. Then write an article about the attraction and add the video as additional content.

    When brainstorming ideas for niches or angles for tourism sites, many ideas would be better for some areas than others. For example, 'Mountain Biking' may be a good niche for Utah, but not so good for New York City. 'Celebrity Murder Sites' might be good for Hollywood but sot so great for Buffalo.

    Look for off-beat ideas that someone who doesn't know the city may overlook.

    Load the site with "link bait" articles like "Top 5 ...", "Never do this in...", "4 cheapest...", etc.

    I live in Ottawa that is big on tourism. Recently the city has received a lot of press for being the "most unfaithful" city according to dating site "Ashley Madison". Someone from Ottawa could play on that attention and drive a lot of traffic to an Ottawa dating/tourism niche site. Dating clicks and tourism clicks both pay well.

    The bigger and more saturated your market, the more people are trying to find something unique. In Paris, everyone is paying $30 to stand in line and look at the Mona Lisa for 30 seconds. But many people are looking for a nice cafe that offers cheap beer and pickled herring on a deserted street.

    EDIT: About photos. Since you specifically asked about getting photo/video without a camera or travel resources. A great place for tourism pictures is Flickr Creative Commons. Just search for your city/attraction and you will find hundreds of pictures from stock-image type to real tourist photos.

    Just scroll to the bottom of 'Advanced Search' and check "Only search in Creative Commons".

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      Hi there,

      sell mobile sites to companies which offer services for tourists like hotels, car/bike rentals, guided tour operators and so on. Lot of tourists will search for these services from their smartphones. So it should be easy to show them why they need a mobile site.

      (@ onSubie- great post..)
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    onSubie gave you some good advice.

    One key, especially when you are starting out, is to find a sub-niche that is either under-served or ignored.

    For example, I live in Florida. A couple of hours north of here is Orlando. Huge tourist destination, right? From the Mouse, to Epcot, Universal, and on and on...

    How many of the travel guides focus on either newlyweds or families with kids? How many of them focus on empty-nesters or people who never had kids? I can tell you that the former way outnumbers the latter. Or how about female travelers, with some of the special challenges they face (ladies, this is not meant as a sexist comment, believe me)?

    I could go on, but you're bright enough to get the point.

    Find a group that is willing to spend money and isn't being properly served, then serve them. Build a base.

    It doesn't mean you can never grow into serving larger groups or a wider audience, but if you build your base first, you start from a position of authority.

    If I remember right, you were the person who wanted to beat TripAdvisor on a $100 a month budget, right?

    Head to head, I don't think you can do that unless or until they stumble. But you can definitely work the edges and get fat on the bits they don't want. Down the road? Who knows...
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    Amazing tips!

    Thanks! Oh yeah I was the one who was asking about beating triadvisor with $100 budget a month :-\
    Well, you are right. I should better work on the edges as there would be a better scope for success
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