Where do you work from - desktop or remote locations?

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Full time Warriors - do you take advantage of all the freedom we have in this business?

For the last year, I tried working from an outside office that I leased. I hated it. It felt like I was back in the corporate world again. I wanted to fire myself or just go to lunch and never return lol. I found myself working more and more from home even though I was paying rent.

In my home office, I'm so accustomed to working from a desktop that I'm unproductive unless I'm in my little work station where I'm comfortable. When I go to events and seminars, for some reason I can't seem to get anything done other than hanging out and drinking beers lol.

My new challenge now is to become efficient working from remote locations. I feel like I'm not truly enjoying the freedom to make money from anywhere there is a connection. I live like 2 minutes from the beach here on Long Island, but I never tried working from there. I've never even tried Starbucks, the library, or even a friend's house.

I need a change because it's kinda boring sitting at this desktop. Many days I just give my assistants work to do and loaf off all day at my brother's place playing video games.

How about you...

Where do you work from - desktop or remote locations?

Are you productive working from remote locations?

What tips can you offer?
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    Ron I work from both.

    Half day usually in my home office. It's outfitted with everything I need so
    there are times it's better suited for what I'm trying to do.

    Rest of the day, at cafes. Gives a feeling of variety, and helps to keep from feeling too
    isolated. A laptop is all I need in that case.
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  • From home and on my phone when I'm on the go.
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      Good idea for a thread, Ron -- Thanks!

      I love to work at my home workstation. It is perfectly set up for my personal preferences and every convenience. Phones, video, audio management-- everything.

      But, there are those times that you just need to get out and enjoy that freedom that only working from the internet can offer. At least for me. You don't want to feel like all you did by changing the way you live is the address of where you are forced to slave away. Not having to be pounding away at scheduled times in my own office makes me feel the value of my engineered freedom even more.

      So I have a fast laptop that works well with the local coffee shops' WiFi connections. Then I can watch the people, have coffee, get into a rousing conversation when someone mentions the Greece financial panic or tsunami warnings in my coastal town.

      I think of it as cross training. Working without vs. with distraction. With distraction can be very illuminating and inject new insights to your work. You might have to answer some questions about what you are doing, but that's good for you too and may make you realize valuable things about your construct.

      When I've had working vacations, the laptop has served ok. But for the best efficiency, your private man-cave (or girl-cave) is tough to top. And skype from your set up office is the best. Every IMer I know is a committed skype-r and it just makes it better to convey your business side from a permanent setup.

      Daniel Thompson
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    I rented an apartment with a nice view of a park across the street. I have a bunch of guitars & keyboards here for when I want to chill, or I can take a walk in the park. I keep everything in Google Docs or Dropbox.

    I would submit, BTW, that there's no shame in playing video games. You've earned it. If I didn't have a high maintenance family, I'd do that too! Plus I feel grateful to have the opportunity to work & enjoy doing it when I can. Creating things is actually fun for me.
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    I work from Starbucks quite often. It can be tough depending on what I'm doing. Most of my business today requires me to talk with people and that can be difficult in a loud Starbucks. This is why you'll sometimes find me sitting in my car outside of a Starbucks lol.
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    Home desktop/office Then also remote office When on the go I have a laptop and phone
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      I can work anywhere where my laptop can take me - home, Starbucks, McDonalds, poolside, vacation, beach, etc.

      Although I have a desktop, I honestly don't use it anymore - After 24+ years in a professional career chained to a desk, I get chills sitting in anything remotely close to a work / desk setting, lol!

      Oh, I also use my iPhone to check out my PayPal receipts in the morning as well as when nature calls (I know, TMI, haha!).

      Ron - If you find it hard breaking your old habit, perhaps first try setting up your laptop in place of your desktop. If that proves successful, move your laptop to another room in your house, i.e. dining room or kitchen table...just to mix it up. After some time, I suspect you should be able to break those habits, and be down at the beach in no time!


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