Did Ewen Send Your Download Link?

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Is Ewen Okay? Is he back up and running now?

I bought Ewen Chia's book from Amazon on the first day, entered my order number in the autoresponder, and didn't hear anything back. No opt-in confirmation mail, no download links, nothing.

So a day later, thinking I may have mis-typed my email, I went back and entered it again. Still no reply.

Did it again with a different email account. Same.

I've dealt with Ewen personally in the past, so I know him as a standup guy. He's had some problems with unbelievable traffic on this sale, but the emails are being run through GetResponse.com, so I figured I'd hear something fairly quickly.

Or is he just waiting till after the sale to send out the download link?

Cheers from warm and smiling Thailand,
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