Just Received a Tip About Pinterest from Warrior!

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I was hoping to find some way to advertise my ebooks, and was discussing various ways to gain traffic/sales.

So an experienced Warrior, who seemed very knowledgeable, suggested that Pinterest is a great place to market ebooks...

Before I go down that path, I wanted to confirm with those of you involved in ebook promotion that Pinterest is the way to go. Don't want to spend alot of time and effort on that, if my focus should be elsewhere!

Also, just released an ebook on the subject of publishing and selling ebooks! However, it was not focused particularly on Pinterest--although I did mention it briefly. Just would like to request further confirmation and insight from you!

I know that many of you seasoned Warriors can help!

Thanks for all comments!
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    pininterest is still a confusing yet intriguing nut to crack, because of continued growth, i'm sure people would be interested in it. I personally have no interest, I think it's still invite only and their signup process/approval is tough.
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    • Profile picture of the author All Night Cafe
      There are plenty of warriors selling and marketing ebooks
      on Pinterest. Just go in and do a search, you will find
      some good ideas to model.

      Everyone is just starting to learn Pinterest, but while
      you are learning, do your testing with your own book.

      Best way to learn, you know your ebook better than anyone.
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      Originally Posted by cashtree View Post

      I think it's still invite only and their signup process/approval is tough.
      It's actually very easy to get into Pinterest; more so than some of the pin analytic sites like Pinerly. You just need to know someone who's in it already and ask them to invite you; you'll be a new member in minutes!

      If you don't know anyone then request an invite direct from Pinterest off their home page; I got mine processed in about 20 hours some months ago but iI've heard it can vary.

      For promoting your eBook, you need a stunning image that's going to attract attention or possibly an infographic to entice people / catch their eye. What you don't want to do is just pin your eBook cover and hope for the best because it's highly unlikely that will get repinned and viral repining is what you want.

      Discover the Magic Of Marketing On Pinterest in this revealing report.

      ...or get the full skinny on NonstoPinterest 2.0 HERE!

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    Yeah, I too saw quite some good Pinterest WSO's here so cheap. Try "Pinterest Traffic Blueprint" by Sam Uherek & Lisa Allen.

    That is really great WSO at a steal price. Check if it is still available.
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  • Profile picture of the author peewhy
    My view: It's free, do it!

    Pinterest does attract vast traffic, get the right picture to attract the links and the put together a powerful keyword rich pitch to attract the searchers and give it a go.
    Marketing & Promoting Websites Since 1994 www.wsoWhich.com for open and honest WSO reviews
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    Okay -- seems worth the effort of getting involved. I appreciate all those comments!

    Music City Dirt & Rags to RICHES
    How the Hell Do You Publish & Sell Ebooks?

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    • Profile picture of the author slayer0x59
      Pinterest is only a few months old but is steadily gaining popularity. Since it is FREE then you shouldn't miss the opportunity to try it out. It attracts a lot of traffic and very easy to use.

      SEO/Webmaster/WordPress/Drupal site builder


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        Originally Posted by slayer0x59 View Post

        Pinterest is only a few months old but is steadily gaining popularity.
        No, actually it's a couple YEARS old. It's just in the last few months that IMers have been really salivating over it.
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    some people can really make money from this new social media, yes lets take a part now, before too much TOS for internet marketer in pinterest
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