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by cTory
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You know when a visitor leaves the page right? You know on Windows 7, the script will say "Leave this page or Stay on this page." How to redirect the visitor to another page like:

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Besides Optimize Press?
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    This is what you want:

    Javascript: User confirmation on close button of browser | vijay joshi blog

    Just simple JS, and a redirect script. That will do it.
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    I never create raw code, there is plugin for wordpress, I use that all the time..

    it is called something like WP Exit.. if you google it than you will easy find it..
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    You can get a free plug-in called "ExitRescue" by Robert Plank that does this for you. The only problem is when a visitor is using FireFox most plug-in's exit message will be overriden by Firefox. So if you have a message you want to add to the "Stay on Page" "Leave Page" options, it instead comes out as "This page is asking you to confirm that you want to leave-data that you have entered may not be saved". I haven't found an exit plug-in yet that can override this for Firefox, but for IE it works properly, not sure about the other browsers.

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    Just checked and there's a couple of free Wordpress plugins called "WordPress Exit Strategy" & "Exit Screen Plugin", hopefully that helps.
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    Thanks robestorm. I was looking for this method for a long time. Now I can finally use it on my blogs and sales pages.
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    You could also use this WP plugin- Exit Rescue by Robert Plank:

    It's free and simple
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    The plankmeister is a genius!

    Exit rescue is an awesome little plugin.

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