Is The WF Slow For Anyone Else??

by JayXtreme 7 replies
I'm having a real stuttering WF for the past few days.... anyone else?..

Every other site on the net seems fine, but the WF seems real shaky and slow when I'm browsing/posting..

Please tell me I'm not the only one.. I'm starting to think the software and me have there is a second or two delay everytime I scroll etc


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      Fast as usual for me as well...


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        Its fine for me so far...
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        • Fast for me, too. I wonder what the problem could be?

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            It's been much faster for me than the old forum was.
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            Originally Posted by Angela V. Edwards View Post

            Fast for me, too. I wonder what the problem could be?
            eh... I dunno...

            It's really strange as it's only been since I used RegCure earlier this week.. hmm.. the mind boggles...

            Must check it on that damn Vista machine.... devil OS it is.


            Bare Murkage.........

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              Hey Jay,

              Just my input here, running the dreaded Windows Vista and the forum is running a-ok fast and furious as always. Not sure why it would be running slow for you...

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                The forum is working lickety-split for me.

                Which browser are you using? If you're using IE, try using Firefox, or vice-versa.

                It can also be the route between your ISP and the forum's. Try running tracert for this site versus others and see if that shows anything.

                Then again, maybe RegCure didn't help!

                Anyway, just some ideas.... hopefully your problem will go away.

                Good luck!

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