How To Get Fans For Facebook Fanpage

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Dear Warriors
As i want a mass fans for my fan page, please suggest me how to get those fans...
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    I had the same question. Do a forum search, there's loads of great info already here.

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    Try to set up an apps on your fanpage, since there, you'll get more fans from applications.
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      Post lot of motivational quotes in images with your fan page and site url embedded - do not make it a marketing ad but in a subtle way.

      These quotes, motivational banners, sayings, funny stuff get lot of likes and shares in facebook and can get you passive traffic to your fan page and website.

      Shown is one sample image, these kind of material spread well in facebook,

      Hope it helps.


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    There are apps to give you tons of social shares, likes and votes.
    I am doing some coding myself. Check out shareyt.

    Coding apps for Pinterest.

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      There are numerous social marketing companies who can help you amass numerous FB likes within such company is Vanity Media Marketing.They have good customer service and their price is at par with the market rates.
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        Hi, one of the effective way is thought competition, offer something vable to them, and
        You can choose to do Facebook ads if you have budget.
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    I am considering purchasing a site that resells Facebook likes, Twitter stuff, and other social media services. You might want to try something like this.
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    Offer them something they want so they will like it, or post funny stuff on it. Or you could buy fans, but I don't see much point in doing that if they're not targeted.
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    Hello! Try making a Facebook ad for your page if you have the budget and also offer things they would like. A fair deal for you and your targeted audience. Also, try promoting it in more social sites besides FB. I hope that helped you in a way or so. Best of luck!
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      If you've got some money, buy facebook ads. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can get 20,000 fans in a month. There are other ways but for me that is the surest way.

      Proudly Nigerian!

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    If you can create an app do it. Nothing is better to get viral likes.

    For most people that's not reasonable so the next best way is to pay for them. Find FB vouchers to help start your ad so you know what ads have the best Click through rate.

    CTR is everything on FB. Start with CPC then go to CPM.

    You can also be a regular poster on more famous FB pages. It's free but takes a lot of time to get traction.
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    I added some tactics I used on this discussion:

    I hope they are helpful.

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    There are "like me" exchanges right on FB. If you look up "25 likes" either in google or FB (can't remember how I found it - think it was FB) you will come upon an exhange where everyone likes each other just to get the ball rolling for everyone. Good luck!
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    If you want to get the best and long term fans, then go for FB PPC. That is the best way to get good fans and likes.
    Also make sure to make the Creative attractive because most people will click the like rather than opening the ad.
    So get them all.
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    I have written some great tips on how to make your facebook post goes viral and I have shared them here

    My friends, I hope this is helpful for you.
    By the way, I wrote it based on my experience, so you cannot get it elsewhere. XD
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    If you really need a lot of fans urgently and not minding to spend some dimes. I would suggest you advertise your facebook pages on Facebook.
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    Originally Posted by sekhar203 View Post

    Dear Warriors
    As i want a mass fans for my fan page, please suggest me how to get those fans...
    Hey sekhar,

    It really depends what you're looking for.

    Are you looking for a bunch of people to likes your fb page for social proof?
    IE - to make it look popular?

    If so - then the best way to do this is on Fiverr. Cheap likes from all over.

    If you're looking for quality likes from people who are actually in your target market, then a different strategy is required.

    You can use fb ads likes some people here have already suggested to promote your page. This will work if the offer is right.

    Your other option is to find a company that specialises in doing this for people.

    The guys I use are when I need to get a bunch of demographically and/or locationallu targeted likes for my clients.

    Again - depends what you are trying to achieve.

    Hope that helps!

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    1. Increase visibility
    Include your Facebook page url in your web social profiles e.g. Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin etc. and also include in your email signature
    Also try and use facebook badge or “like” button everywhere your brand/business is present on the web: website, Blog posts etc.

    2. Create interesting contents
    Facebook offers many ways to populate your page with engaging contents: Music, Photos, News feeds, Videos, Twitter and many other apps.

    Facebook apps directory:

    There are hundred of Applications available for Facebook Fan Pages. Some of the ones you may want to have (they all have good instructions and descriptions) include:

    To add vodeo, photos and social profiles you should use Involver –

    3. Make your facebook page Unique
    There are many ways to make your page stand out. The list includes:
    1. Creating incentives exclusive to your facebook fans (coupons, free downloads…)
    2. Encourage fans interactions (Post simple questions, Easy poll, responding to fans Wall discussions)
    3. Set up a landing page here: How To Create A Facebook Landing Page (Static HTML / iFrame Tabs) | Like This Fan Page

    4. Optimize your page

    Your page is now a great resource for people who are enquiring about your brand. Make sure it stands out in the search results by doing the following:
    1. Include relevant keywords and links in the information and description box es on your profile

    2. Set a vanity name for your page (Ex:, To set your own vanity URL, simply click then click “Set a username for your Pages.”
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    Don't ever fall into the trap of buying likes, it is a total waste of time, and although those selling them will try to convince you they are genuine and in your market they are useless, I have worked with many clients that have falling into buying followers and like and they never get any interaction, people may land on their page and see thousands of likes, but can see that nobody talks to them so it stand out a mile that they are not real.

    The other thing is that you will then not appear in the feeds of those that have actually liked your page meaning the genuine work you have done and those that are actually interested have been a waste of time, more harm than good this route.

    Simply put build your own page, set everything up well, don't just sell sell sell, instead engage and create valuable content and respond to those with questions or responses, and you will generate viral traffic as it appears in their friends news feeds, and gain more likes.

    If you want to spend money pay for Facebook Ads and Sponsored Stories and target the right people, you will grow very fast this way.
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    What about youlikehits? Have you tried it?

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      Originally Posted by Metrix9 View Post

      What about youlikehits? Have you tried it?

      I have not used that site and are not 100% sure of the concept behind the site other than they are free followers, but I imagine you have to follow other pages to be displayed and get others to follow you, which I still think is a little pointless, good engagement and targeted traffic will win hands down for building a more productive page for me.
      Want To Make Your First £10,000 Online?
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      Originally Posted by Metrix9 View Post

      What about youlikehits? Have you tried it?

      You are going to end up with untargeted fans, that are not interested in your page, but are interested in you following them, to get more fans on their page.
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    Originally Posted by sekhar203 View Post

    Dear Warriors
    As i want a mass fans for my fan page, please suggest me how to get those fans...
    The best way to get this done is to buy fans from someone. Just post it on a freelance site (e.g. Need 1k Fans in a week) and you will see that many people who can do this for you.
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    Some great tips, thanks to all
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    Create a product/service/fb page worth talking about...a "purple cow" to steal the line from a famous marketer. Unless you aren't looking for genuine results.
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    It is not so hard but technical.You can invite all friends in your friend list to give like there ,you can post it as a job in any freelancing site, so that a freelancer will do it for you if you pay him a smart amount .The last method is if your fan page is meaningful and contents are smart,informational then you don't need to worry ,it can get like automatically.
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    A very big thanks to Nuwav and of course all of you too for your great tips...

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        Originally Posted by anaxa77 View Post

        Update your page regularly. Also if want to get likes very fast, loin addmefast, youlikehits, such kind of exchange site.
        youlikehits no longer work with FB and addmefast will probably go down that same path soon
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    The only way to get the fans immediately is through buying, otherwise you had to wait until the site get popular......
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    I only got an individual account not a fan page but would like to apply some of the techniques mentioned here especially free ones. I think I'll get started with motivational quotes. Thanks!
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    Have you tried advertising on Facebook? It's not really that expensive as you will be the one to set your own budget.

    Sure you probably do not have the money to get a lot of fans this way, but it can certainly get the ball rolling for you.

    You should first try to get a few fans... like a thousand perhaps, and your page will be more believable and will have the potential to earn more fans.

    That's just my thought though.
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    Log into your Facebook fan page and start interacting with some of the other Facebook fan pages that are in the same niche as you start commenting on their posts and people generally will click on your name and check out your fan page and if the content is good they will like it.

    This is a good way to build genuine likes rather than purchasing them.
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    You can easily purchase them helped from companies like mine, as well as Twitter followers, Youtube views and Google plus ones.
    Get thousands of Real Followers with!
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    If you want to do in the right way then post more quality contents in your page. Join some group or create a group. Give regular updates of your offers. Don't consume yourself in one topics more over try to give something interesting to your members.
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    Check the threads here that offer facebook like services.

    4,000 Followers- $14
    1,000 Likes- $13

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