HELP!! Hydra Leads Invalidated!!

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I am new to the AM game and have about 500 leads being invalidated by Hydra. Like I said I am a noob and didn't realize I could not run two valentines offers on search and I did. I made about $6,000 profit and spend close to $1,500.

Hydra sent me an email this morning and I talked to my AM manager and he claims there isnt much they can do. He says the advertiser has invalidated all of my leads.

I had talked to fellow AMers where I live about the situation before when I stopped the campaign and they said they would be very suprised if I didnt get at least partial payment.

Does anybody have any advice, this would be a HUGE blow for the month.


I should add that the two offers are sister companies.
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    Hydra basically said that they have the right to not pay for anything because the sales came through search.
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    What's AM? What's Hydra?
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    Hey Man,

    Was search one of the allowed channels of promotion?

    What was the name of the offer?

    And how long have you been an affiliate of hydra?

    Let me know...
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  • Naorgil, I am really sorry to hear about that. The one thing you HAVE to do is read the terms for each offer.

    I am also a member of Hydra and I was recently looking for some offers that paid per email address to promote via PPC and I was really shocked at the number of them that were No PPC.

    It's not really a big deal when you are promoting via free search and articles, but when you are doing PPC it is a whole other situation.

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    Hi Naorgil, welcome to the WF. Just read your same question over in another forum - sucks to hear man. You might get a better response by posting this in the CPA forum where people are going to be more familar with working with networks and these situations.

    Best of luck!

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    Ya man, Please post this is the CPA section, You will probably have 3 or 4 times the response.

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