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hi friends, i am a new member of this forum. i want to discuss about the seo or internet marketing.My Facebook friends is very low i want to increase it but how i increase it please suggest me if you have any idea.i want to marketing in internet of my products.
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    Browse through forum like everyone else. Read, read and read ....
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    There are a lot of interesting products about SEO, they are selling as bread after the penguin update.

    Browse the forum to get an overview of what is it about and then if you still have questions you should search for a complete training from a WSO. However, is good to have an overview of what has to be done before you spend money
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    Another option...

    Just make a Youtube Video and link it to your facebook account... Your friends will increase significantly.
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    You should start reading in order to understand the basic terminology and methods of SEO and Internet Marketing. Facebook is part of the social media marketing. Do you want to increase your friends or the number of Likes in your page? It is not the same thing and it doesn't have the same goal. If you have a website and you want to promote it you would better create a facebook fan page and share information there. Then try to increase the number of Likes in the page. Participate in Groups with your niche, put the button of Facebook in your site, share information regularly, organize give away...are some of the actions you can take to increase the number of your fans in the facebook fan page.
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    Dear friends , i would like to give many thanks to all of you for your better suggestion and help. now i will try my best to implement these method to do best internet marketing. And i hope i will gain my objectives by these methods.i would like to give many many thanks to all of you again.
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    You can learn about SEO in this adsense-ppc-seo-discussion section
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    Hello! I can tell you that there's lots of great and useful information here in the forum! Just browse and jump from forum to forum. There's lots of useful things if you only know how to look for them. I hope that helped you in a way or so. Best of luck!
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    Video marketing is a very good tool to promote your website. Most people like to watch rather than read.
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