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by Asher
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Hi Warriors,

Not sure if anyone noticed but Google will be removing
the Website Optimizer for good. I've been using it and
they'll be shifting it over to Google Analytics.

This news came out quite a while back but I figured some
people (like me) didn't know about it.

Here's the email:

Dear Website Optimizer User,

We're saying goodbye to Google Website Optimizer. Many marketers and publishers have improved the web by using insights from Website Optimizer to create better experiences for their users. To elevate website optimization and provide one fully integrated tool for testing, content optimization will now have a new home within Google Analytics. The last day you'll be able to access Google Website Optimizer will be August 1st, 2012.

If you're looking to start a new experiment, please use our new tool, located within Google Analytics called Content Experiments. We've put a great deal of effort into providing this tool that makes testing as easy as possible. Content Experiments comes with a simple set up wizard, identifies the statistically significant best variation, and provides insightful reports on your website engagement. This is just the first step we're taking to simplify website testing, and we're looking forward to adding more experimentation features into Google Analytics.

If you're not a Google Analytics user, we invite you to sign up now to get access to the new Content Experiments tool, which is available to all Google Analytics users. To learn more about the new Content Experiments tool, read our blog post or check out this video. Make sure you're a Google Analytics user now to ensure uninterrupted experiments when Website Optimizer is shut down on Aug 1, 2012. If you would like professional assistance in designing, implementing, or interpreting the results of a test, simply go to the Google Analytics Partner page and select "Website Optimizer" from the Specialization menu.

We hope you enjoyed using Website Optimizer and that you will find a lot of value in our new Content Experiments tool. Thank you for helping to make websites better.

Google Website Optimizer team
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    That's it, I'm done using Google...

    Oh wait, I did that 3 years ago.
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    I hope Content Experiments feature inside G analytics will be better than Website Optimizer.
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