How Did You Make Your First $100?

by tori73
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Hi guys,

I know PTC sites have cheap traffic but my first $100 was generated there..

never forget that great feeling

Where was your first $100 made???
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    I sell branded clothing on eBay...

    I think the most easy dollar you could get at IM is by selling stuff at marketplace, like eBay, Etsy, Amazon, etc...
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    I used to deal pot when I was in high school I think that is where my first hundred was made.
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      Originally Posted by Andrei Rotariu View Post

      I used to deal pot when I was in high school I think that is where my first hundred was made.
      Ahahh! Epic!

      My first $100 as I remember... AdSense check when I was 13 years old (on my mom's name ofc)
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      Originally Posted by Andrei Rotariu View Post

      I used to deal pot when I was in high school I think that is where my first hundred was made.
      Wow! lol!

      I made mine through CPA marketing.


      Visit my blog and grab your free copy of Product Creation Treasures.

      Or perhaps you'd like to jump right in to creating your own product.

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        I made my first $100 online by buying a site on Flippa and flipping it a month later.

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      Originally Posted by Andrei Rotariu View Post

      I used to deal pot when I was in high school I think that is where my first hundred was made.
      What happend to "scaling up" & "rinse and repeat" ?
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      Stumbled in here & still LMAO @ selling pot in high school. Thanks, I needed that laugh!
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      Originally Posted by Andrei Rotariu View Post

      I used to deal pot when I was in high school I think that is where my first hundred was made.
      Wasn't expecting this kind of response. Love it!

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    Anyone who's interested in making their first $100 might want to look into this thread
    For me... I can't really tell...
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    I made my first $100 from Clickbank
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    My first hundred was made via adsense. It was a good feeling to receive your first Google cheque.
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    Google Adsense and a really ugly golf site.

    I had almost no idea what I was doing. But it was a great learning experience.
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    Made a website for a client, and outsourced it.
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    Bought a website off Ebay. Marketed it. Sold it a week later for 10x i paid for it
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    My first $100 came by making 4 sales of a resell rights ebooks bundle, through my site, back in february 2006. You can also see that the year when I joined the warrior forum is 2006. (Of course I made more than $100, I mentioned 4 to count it to $100. The sales didn't come all at once, made it in a few days.)

    Then made around $100 the same year via forum marketing, making 5 sales of an affiliate product in a single day.

    Then also made around $250 or so the same year 2006, selling directory submission service...

    Learned a lot in 2006...

    Dr.Spencer Jones
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    I was selling ebooks back in 99 :-)
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    I made by making my list of 100 people. One day I send an email and Saw 4 sales of list of 100. I just couldn't believe it but it was not a dream.
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    Online: Clickbank and Youtube....Gotta love that combination. Does not get any easier than that!
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    About 14 years ago I collected berries from local tree and sold them on the street

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    Through this survey site called

    IMSource | #1 Resource For Internet Marketers
    Click here For my favorite internet marketing tool of all time
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    I sold $100 of Mary Kay products doing one-on-one consultation with a co-worker
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  • Profile picture of the author ebaypowerguru
    eBay, eBay and some more eBay! Great platform to make money.
    The eBay Power Guru Blog

    Learn How To Be An eBay PowerSeller For Free Today
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    Made my first 100 + on eBay selling handcrafted oak paper towel holders.
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  • Through article writing.. Really it was a great feel...
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  • Profile picture of the author SuperCopywriting
    My first $100 came from a great copywriting gig online. It turned into a long-term, profitable relationship that's still ongoing today. That was 3 years ago!
    Hardworking, Talented, Dedicated, Joy Filled Copywriter For Hire! Contact JS at
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    I made mine selling some pills from moreniche. I'm yet to make anything after that. I've tried my best possible and I'm somewhat frustrated now.
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      Mowing neighbors' lawns at 9 years old. :p
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        I made my first $100 promoting an affiliate offer (Commission Junction) using Google Adwords...
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    Outside of internet marketing, I don't remember.
    But within the internet marketing realm, I made my first $100 through Adsense. But I have moved on to better forms of monetization since then, but still include Adsense in the mix sometimes
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    I made my first $100 on clickbank

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    For IM - i guess it would have been eBay, selling eBooks disks (still selling on there now!) or clickbank. Cant really remember - so long ago!
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    Niche blog about Flip Video cameras (rip) made $100 on Amazon pretty quick, then at its' peak a few $1000 a year just via amazon and a paid banner.
    WIN my Lanparte Smartphone or GoPro Gimbal! Get Ready Get Steady! Watch my Video Here:
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    Google Adsense on a website I'd forgotten about 2yrs before. I added adverts and slowly reached $100 a year later.
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    Made my first $100 on my first month on Fiverr. Was getting 2-3 orders/day, it was great
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      kindle was by far the quickest earner for me to begin with but that's mainly because i sucked at the other forms of marketing, they just require a slightly more sophisticated approach to get right and as ever I live and learn
      Get your grubby hands on a revolutionary content-grabbing Wordpress plug-in now?? Oh and it's FREE for a limited time only!!!
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    Clickbank is where it happened first for me. Cut my teeth with Cb and still do.
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    Selling a golf product as a Clickbank affiliate.
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    Sold an affiliate product and it was my first sale and was my biggest sale too date. Over $700 dollars in commission off one product in one day (lots of upsells). Been going down hill ever since. SMH...
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    I made my first 100 with Amazon associates and kindle publishing. However I'm currently working on a couple of e-books that I am going to submit on jvzoo... should be an interesting month ahead.

    - Dan J
    Email Copywriter For Established Info Marketers
    I write emails people look forward to reading, clicking and buying from. To learn more, click here.
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    I made my first $100 online as an ebay affiliate. At the time there was a program run by Shoemoney where you got pretty high pay for a new ebay signup ($20 or $40 can't remember now).
    But not doing anymore ebay stuff now.
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    first 100 with American express and MasterCard
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    got it from adsense, for other affiliation, i still haven't made a $100
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      I talked to a couple of friends who had a real estate agency who had been at the top of google but were having trouble with their rankings.

      I offered to do them a couple of online press releases and a couple of lead generating reports for a price around $1,200.

      That was many years ago and I knew that online press releases submitted to certain sites would rank very high in google if you used the search term you wanted to rank for as the title.

      The reports were along the lines of "how to get the best price when you sell your home in xxxx" and "How to get the perfect home for you at the best possible price in xxxx".

      The online press releases drove viewers to the site to download one of the free reports.

      Ironically it was using the reports with prospects OFFLINE that made that agency the most money.

      Kindest regards,
      Andrew Cavanagh
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    My first $100 was made by article marketing with Ezine Articles back when they ranked well in Google (several years ago).

    It was when **** was the new hot product and promoting those type of CPA offers were a great way to make a nice income online. But things had changed and I switched most of my efforts to SEO and had more consistant sales.
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    I am making $1000 a month through adsense. check out my ready made and established Site for sale check my signature if you want to buy it now and start making $1000 a month
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      Offering services. The very first job involved writing articles. I was ecstatic to get that first $183 payment.
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    How? learning! 4 years of reading and testing.. not listening to get rich quick or rip off click bank programs. Be careful not to take advice from just anyone online. Study SEO and Blog marketing!!! actually do it! it works but you won't believe it until the proof is their and the proof will not be there until you do the work!!!

    Fact most people in the War Room are learning.. they are not pro's!! they copy what they read and retype it... if you want great results pay for your learning! free advice is only as good as it cost.
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    Promoting CPA offers. Did it with PPC & Facebook.
    Received a $193.80 cheque for my work. It was great!
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    I got lucky. I was targeting Black Friday 2010, but I made an article for Black Friday 2011 by accident. Apparently a lot of people searched for 2011 (in the year 2010) and I received a good amount of traffic. That single page brought in $100+ between amazon, AdSense, and CPA offers.
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    Bum marketing with a Forex product that made $47 per sale. It was a good feeling at the time but I made the classic mistake of not sticking what was working and scaling my efforts.
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    I made my first $100 online by providing a service.
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    I really hope this doesn't become a double post

    I made my first $100 on Odesk, writing copy about car baby seats for an IM'er for use on his Amazon affiliate site. Learned the skills that I now use on my own sites.
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    I provide Audio/3D design services to people online. A few hours nets me a 100 bucks
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    My first hundred was made via adsense.
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    I made my first $100 on fiverr through my virtual assistance gig.
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    I used to deal pot when I was about 16 years old ...that's how i made my first , and much more , 100$
    Online with my first experience way back in 2007 , selling Olive Wood made products. i Sold a salad bowl value 650 $ after 2 hours i publish my first website , i live in Switzerland , and i sold to a lady from NEW YORK .I made 50% ,325 $ , i could not believe and than i got into online biz.......
    Now i do other online model
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    My first $1 dollar was exciting
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  • Profile picture of the author KingYoungPimpin
    When I first jumped into this postcard marketing company named Top Secrets selling discount shopping packages. We just mailed postcards with our member number on it. $100 per sale and I made within 8 days after joining. That was in the year 2000.
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  • Profile picture of the author Joseph Robinson
    I'd say freelancing is a pretty popular answer. It's a great way to break in. Personally, my first $100 went like this:

    $20 single forum posting gig.
    $40 Postloop
    $45 Short report rewrite.

    All within the span of about a week once I actually got up and did something. The rest as they say is history.
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  • Profile picture of the author BenjaminB
    You can do really well by promoting advertising sources to marketers because everyone is always in the market for more advertising because more ads means more money and on and on and on. That's the sole thing I concentrate on and it works pretty well for me
    Conversions have never been so easy!
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  • Profile picture of the author The Magician
    I made my first hundred dollars writing on Textbroker. I must say I spent way too much time earning that hundred, but the feeling of getting paid without leaving the front door or putting on a suit and tie was intoxicating.

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  • Profile picture of the author Pascal Parvex
    Working at a factory. For IM: I made around 300 Dollars promoting a Spam solution. But I at least spent as much on Adwords.
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    I made my first $100 in fiver by building link.It was great feeling for me and can't express in words.
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  • Profile picture of the author isengdude
    my first $100 from adsense, now i dont use adsense because suspend 2 times before PO
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  • Profile picture of the author jaggyjay
    My earned my first $100 in IM with my e-commerce site
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  • My first $75 was a sale on a resale rights product I purchased from ewan chia. Then I made $200 flipping a domain name with no website on it.

    PM Me Now!

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  • Profile picture of the author Gary Pettit
    Do Pretty well with affiliate marketing....thats where my first payments came from
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  • Profile picture of the author msu
    For me it was AdSense and a bit of Amazon.
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    WordPress Step-by-Step
    (for Kindle & Kindle Apps)

    I'm a top-notch WordPress developer: hire me
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  • Funnily enough, I made my first $100 through PPC. I was using Microsoft Adcenter at the time and promoting my funnel. Took me a matter of weeks until I started getting $100 days.

    I figured then I was able to do this through free marketing so I stopped the whole PPC stuff recently.

    Blogging With Attitude - Michaelangelo Flores Official Blog

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    I made my first $100 on Clickbank. It was full of excitement
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  • Profile picture of the author Terra26
    Well I earned my first $100.00 ever by working in the food court at my local mall when I was a teenager. As far as on-line goes, I have earned my first $100.00 up here on the Warrior Forum by editing various documents and ebooks. I love editing! So I have to say it has been an awesome way to supplement the income I make as a teacher.

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  • Profile picture of the author Yadira Barbosa
    When I was a little girl I made my first $100 selling stickers to my classmates.

    I remember that was a lot of money to me on those days

    Online with adsense.
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  • Profile picture of the author Jeremy Bratcher
    Offline: Masonry work when I was 14.

    Online: Pay per download sites (No, I don't recommend it)
    “The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” – Ayn Rand
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  • Profile picture of the author MarketingMinded
    I made my first $100 online from adsense
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  • Profile picture of the author dodif
    eBay.. I sold some shoes..
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  • Profile picture of the author Edgar Espinosa
    The first $100 I made was selling shirts as a Spread shirt affiliate

    Simple YouTube video(that many shared) + link to my Spread shirt shop


    BTW. Reading everyone's comments makes me realize that making money online is actually quite easy...

    Having a system is very important IMO

    That and scaling.

    Sticking to it.

    Rinse and repeat and you're on your way to making $100 consistently.
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  • Profile picture of the author williamk
    I have used freelancing and CPA.That was the way how it started and so far it is going really well.
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  • Profile picture of the author underthegun
    gay dating... 'nuff said.

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  • Profile picture of the author kojakeugenio
    I did my first $100 from a product commission..
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  • Profile picture of the author mrmcd
    My first $100 was selling computers on ebay back in 2002. Now I make 5-15k/week creating products and making video reviews
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  • Profile picture of the author MJ Christiansen
    I built an affiliate website in Spanish, it ranks #1 and its still making me money today. Looking back at wasn't a lot of work...setting up the site, writing valueble articles with keywords, and monetizing with amazon and clickback. My first check was at least $145 I was so excited!
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  • Profile picture of the author Mark Gray
    I made my first £100 when i released my first music production video course 3 years ago, it was an awesome feeling to release a product and within an hour have over £100, will never forget it

    Coming Soon!!
    If you thought it was difficult to get traffic to your site, think again!
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  • Profile picture of the author michaeljcheney
    I published an Ebook called The Website Marketing Bible back in 2005 and thought it would make me millions. It didn't. But it did make me the first few thousand and the rest, as they say...
    Get Free Email Marketing Tips, Tactics and Strategies[URL=]
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  • Profile picture of the author alvinaff1
    I selling ebook in the internet

    visit my blog for more internet marketing tips

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  • Profile picture of the author laracoates28
    I made 100$ by doing some web research task for my client.
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  • Profile picture of the author nubizwealth
    I made mine thru promotion of a clickbank vendor (Commission Breakthru). A good vendor and they provide alot of information to keep the commissions coming.
    Al B., NuBizWealth Network
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  • Profile picture of the author ddev
    Adsense or Adwords to Affiliate Offers (can't remember right now which payment came first )

    That was looong time ago.
    [2016] WordPress Plugins With PLR
    The Secret Site Used By TOP Marketers!

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  • Profile picture of the author murphyslaw
    If I remember correctly, I earned my 1st $100 online from an Adsense account.
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  • Profile picture of the author Peru101
    I wrote for Textbroker. Took me awhile because I didn't write every day, but got it through PayPal, so that was nice.
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  • Profile picture of the author tmoby
    Well when I was 5 my parents bought me a peel and win card.. and I won $100

    Although my parents took it right back haha.

    Other than that it was my first 2 sales when I used to promote web hosting.
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  • Profile picture of the author Cataclysm1987
    Promoting the Penny Stock Prophet!

    No signature here today!

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  • Profile picture of the author JP Sauve
    My first $100 was made on a $0.02 per click deal back in 1997 for an adult sponsor. There was a $100 threshold to get paid. Once I hit it, they decided not to pay since none of the clicks converted.

    Luckily I stuck with affiliate marketing anyway.
    Signature is a CPA network that pays weekly.
    The largest rewards program in CPA – solely for MaxBounty affiliates!
    > > > > > < < < < <
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    • Profile picture of the author Nicole7575
      Web design for a psychic using dreamweaver & Craigslist. (Wordpress wasn't a rage then..)
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  • Profile picture of the author Anoopchawla
    My first $100 came from dropshipping an Iphone replica using Ebay. I actually made $200 from just that one sale.

    It was a fantastic feeling, I just can't put it into words.
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  • Profile picture of the author madchef1962
    Delivering newspapers 7 days a week for a month back in 1975 (Iwas 13)
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    • Profile picture of the author Angela V. Edwards
      Originally Posted by madchef1962 View Post

      Delivering newspapers 7 days a week for a month back in 1975 (Iwas 13)
      My brother had a paper route at about the same time. We used to help him, sometimes. Those papers in the paper bag that goes around your neck are HEAVY. There was a sweet old lady whose son was pretty well known in that he was an elected official; the coroner. She used to give us a dime every day for a tip. It was super sweet.

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  • Profile picture of the author rcnsmith
    Bought paperback college books from india and sold them on amazon to US college kids that used the same books for 10x the price
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  • Profile picture of the author phoebetabitha
    I made my first $1000 by simple niche sites (4 to be precise) in under 2 months. I'm now on to site 5. Every time I build a new site, it gets easier and easier I'm aiming for 10 sites by the end of summer, then I think I'll be comfortably set up.

    Very new, but learning FAST

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  • Profile picture of the author Brian Tayler
    I believe it was when me and my friend setup a eBay drop shipping business. We didn't make a lot (profit wise) but had fun doing it. We also generated a lot from selling stuff from online offline at yard sales weekly. Did this during junior/senior year of high school. Was my first real business where I made money outside of a regular job.
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  • Profile picture of the author webschool
    Hmm I am still in ques..
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  • Profile picture of the author johnnys229
    Adsense. I am glad I changed to Amazon later on though!
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  • Profile picture of the author DubDubDubDot
    Back in the 90s when affiliate programs still paid per click. We're not talking AdSense type per click, either. The rules for what counted as a click were very liberal. Plus the internet was very clicky back then. If you told someone to CLICK HERE, they often did.
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  • Profile picture of the author RedShifted
    My first technical "online money" came about 6 years ago through ebay.

    It was quite a bit of money too ($38,000 within 6 months). The problem is I could never replicate that success again.

    I never sold much on ebay prior to that. The only reason I was able to make that money was because I had been following a very isolated niche for a couple years prior. It was a "dried floral" niche lets just say. I was paying attention to certain forums, and noticed EVERYONE asking about this "new" product. To the point where it caught law enforcements attention, and the controversy triggered THOUSANDS of people to start talking about it everywhere.

    Since I knew it would take time to ban the substance, I decided to list it on ebay. I started selling about 8-10 boxes a day immediately.

    Then when TONS of people started selling it, ebay took notice and banned it. It is not banned anywhere else, but its become so hard to source now (due to crack downs) that noone sells it anymore.

    That was a MAJOR learning lesson for me though before ever even getting into marketing. You NEED to pay attention to certain niches and watch them like a hawk. The minute you see a new trend forming, JUMP ON IT. Don't hesitate as had I waited 6 months I wouldn't have made a dime.

    Now and days I tend to slack on really being on top of trends, but it absolutely gives you an advantage like you wouldn't believe.

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  • Profile picture of the author BrentDotCom
    I made my first $100 in Lead Generation. When the money hit the bank I was in another world that the stuff actually worked. Then you start making good cheddar and the success feels almost commonplace...... Relationships are the same way. She still looks good, but just not as exciting. Lord only knows what I look like to her LOL.
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    • Profile picture of the author Alminc
      I never made my first $100 : )

      Instead, I made my first $397 by selling a famous course 'You Can Make Yor Living Online' on DVD by David Vallieres, as authorised reseller.

      When I was starting I actually invested quite a lot of money in several expensive products with master resell rights or resell rights.

      Since I was sitting with those products on my computer and with a big hole in my bank account after my investment, I felt that selling those products was a question of life and death.

      I worked like there was no tomorrow for several months, building mu website, building links, getting traffic... all alone. I didn't get help from anybody, but I managed to get my site on first page in Google for 'resell rights', 'resale rights' and some related keywords.

      And one day I got an automated email message from my sales management software: 'A product was sold...'

      BOOM! ... A well-known marketer from Germany purchased Master Resell Rights for 'You Can Make Your Living Online'

      He even sent me an email message wandering who I am, because he coudn't find the 'about' page on my site (because there was no such page : ) And that was my first sale.

      I was selling 4 premium big-ticket products on my site, the lowest price being $97, and the highest $397. Since I purchased the strongest reseller license, I was able to offer master resell rights, resell rights or personal use for those premium big-ticket products. And I was shipping them on CD/DVD via Kunaki.

      Few days later I sold another product, and then another, and another, and another...

      I made $3000 within 4 weeks and that was the time when I realised that you can't go wrong if you are selling high-quality stuff.

      After 1 month making sales, another well known marketer from USA (also a Warrior), who was on the way up in his carreer at that time, silently registered as my affiliate. When I saw his name I couldn't believe my own eyes! I was total, absolute nobody who didn't even have an 'about' page on his site, and he! registered as my affiliate : )

      I was offering 50% commision on all sales on my affiliate page and he referred over 50 customers within one month. That month I paid him around $5000 in commissions and I made $9000 in profit (after paying his commissions and all my other expenses).

      Oh, and I didn't have one single refund request during my 18 months of selling those products.

      Long story short, I was making a lot of money, so I puchased even more products and made even more money. Not because I was especially smart, but because I was selling top quality products created by big names in the industry. Those products were selling themselves.

      Things that I made right:

      - I had the guts to invest several thousand dollars in reseller licenses for premium products
      - I worked very, very hard and managed to rank my website in google
      - I created new, original graphics for those products which made them even more attractive
      - I decided to ship them on CD/DVD which increased the percieved value
      - I had an affiliate program on my site

      Starting as an affiliate and/or selling pdf reports for $7/$17 is not the only way to make your first money on the Internet : )

      No links :)
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  • Profile picture of the author EddieWade
    Writing articles. Even if I am just at the beginning, I think this is quite an easy way of getting paid. especially if you really love what you are doing...
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  • I made my first $100 bucks with Infinity Downline that was the first time I made some real money online from home. And the money is still coming in but now I get money using Empower Network the team I am on has some of the best tools and systems they are helping me make some good money now..
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  • Profile picture of the author TomBuck
    Affiliate marketing with clickbank. Few years ago now though, gone downhill since then, increased competition made that process no longer viable.
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  • Profile picture of the author Michael Kohler
    I made my first $100 with a Clickbank product actually. Took 5 sales but made it. It wasn't IM either. It was in a travel niche.
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  • Profile picture of the author Lightlysalted
    Adsense was my first place that I made $100
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  • Profile picture of the author unknownymous
    Originally Posted by tori73 View Post

    Hi guys,

    I know PTC sites have cheap traffic but my first $100 was generated there..

    never forget that great feeling

    Where was your first $100 made???
    Gaining $100 on PTC is hard dude! Mine was on BSA.

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  • Profile picture of the author Scott E
    Fiverr did it for me ...i made $300 in my first month on can happen pretty fast, but you have to have good quality gigs if you are using it as there is alot of competition
    Your website is losing valuable sales and leads every single day.

    Find out how we can help fix the problem quickly and easily.
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  • Profile picture of the author walkthatway
    I haven't made 100$ yet but I'm close enough now.
    [SELLING] Cheap Windows VPS $10/month
    Server Specs: *1.75GB RAM *2.1 GHz *30GB HDD
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  • Profile picture of the author tumichael
    Me? From Fiverr, nowhere else Take a look at my Fiverr Payment Proof!
    119 USD! It was really a great feeling!
    It was the first step which brought me to IM world. And I am really thankful to Fiverr
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  • Profile picture of the author Brad Stephens
    I made my first $100 on ShareCash a few years ago
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  • Profile picture of the author creditbuilder
    If you mean online, I did it with selling affiliate services to offline businesses who have no idea about internet marketing at all!
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  • Profile picture of the author TheGraphicsGuy
    Won a logo design contest at 99designs exactly worth $100 Thank you for bringing back those memories!
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