Basic Question: Whats the difference between JV and affiliate?

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What's the difference? Is it that the affiliate only acts as a seller for you, while the JV partner can be a lot more involved in making it a success? (i.e. making suggestions, helping with sales copy, soliciting affiliates, etc.)
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    Hello Leo

    In my opinion there really isn't much of a difference, its opinion that differs.

    To your success, Nico Koehler

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    The primary difference is that joint venture partners receive additional benefits for promoting your product / service etc (above and beyond a standard affiliate commission).

    That might be higher than a standard commission rate, it might be the opportunity to cross promote one of their products to the mailing list/s your building, it might be offering them commissions on two tiers, it might be offering to advertise their product on the backend to your new customers. It could be any number of things to enhance the deal.

    Basically you're giving the joint venture partner as much reason and incentive to promote your product for you (above and beyond earning commissions). Generally they're going to have the ability to bring in an immediate and large volume of new business (or there is some other more positive aspect towards your business development) in comparison to a standard affiliate.

    They might not be "business partners" as such, but that are more partners than standard affiliates.

    If you're trying to secure big players to mail or do joint venture arrangements with, you shouldn't just let them know about your affiliate program if you want to secure the deal.



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    Hi leo,

    In the affiliate marketing world, Jv and affiliate although are almost the same, the JV is usually meant for bigger affiliates. I.e affiliates with bigger lists.

    when product sellers has a "JV invite page" its targeted to people who have big lists

    and as dcmarketer mentioned, you might get higher than standard commissions or a better deal out of it

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    Hi All, let me add to the noise!

    In my e-commerce world, a joint venture partner is my powerful equal. I am doing a cross promotion with him or her, and I have to give up much more to lease their list.

    An affiliate is a newbie entrepreneur striking out on their own for the first time,and will send business to me for a piece of the action.

    Think the 4% that Amazon pays for its affiliates.

    That is pennies, and at least we will pay 10% of the take with our affiliates.

    Be well all, wishing you good business!


    Tevis Verrett, Boss of Triumvirate Capital Group
    Always Looking for New Affiliate & JV Partners:
    Ever wanted to make money selling money? We teach Financial Literacy. . . for the rest of us!

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    Thanks for being patient as I figure out the terminology. So.. what's the name for someone who is a full partner, who would work with me fine-tuning the sales materials, etc.?
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    That would be a simple "business partner" mate - assuming you'll be giving them a share of the revenue of the project - generally for the lifetime of the project, including an exit strategy sale for example. As in you'll be providing half the value in whatever it is you're contributing, they'll be providing the other half, you split the profits at whatever percentage you agree upon based on the value you're both adding.

    You'd then get "joint venture partners" to promote you and your business partners collective project, offering them as much value as required to secure them (depending on how much value they could potentially add). You would personally secure, nurture, build, and maintain these relationships.

    You'd then setup an "affiliate program" so that anyone can promote your project and earn commissions. You may have an "affiliate manager" to manage your affiliates (rather than dealing with them personally). Should an "affiliate" stand out of the crowd, you might consider inviting them in as a joint venture partner to give them more incentive to produce better results.

    Hope that all makes sense.

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    They are essentially interchangeable terms.

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