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Free Marketing Techniques

I currently use PPC marketing on Google and for my industry (will writing) the keywords are pricey mainly starting from £1.50 a click. This method might not be the best direction due to the budget for the advertising.

What free marketing can you advise?
  • I've put our company url in free directories (based in UK its, thomsonlocal, link 8 and alike)
  • Created a Twitter page
  • Emailed companies offering free Wills in replace for a link on their website
  • Emailed companies for link exchanges
  • Requested information from local advertising magazines on prices
  • Requested local radio stations for their price list

Some of these will cost and some will be free.

Can you advise free ways to bring relevant traffic to our website.

Thank you
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    Hey Litherland,

    Here are some of my thoughts on some free methods I can think of

    1) Build lenses on various aspects of creating wills and then put links to your website or the landing pages you have. Squidoo enjoys good rapport with search engines and will build some traction for you.

    2) Get on facebook and start offering advice to people who seek them. Create a linkedin profile and interact with others in complimentary businesses for referrals and improve your brand positioning simultaneously.

    3) You must be having a lot of knowledge on the subject as you are doing it professionally. Why not create a lot of videos and promote your services through video marketing. Video marketing is huge and if you can create quality content videos you will be doing pretty well. It need not be Hollywood type videos, simple 1 minute informational videos on very small questions related to your topic would be great to encourage people to visit your website and try out your services.

    4) Have you ever tried forum marketing. This would entail you being involved in legal forums answering people's queries related to Wills. You can offer helpful advice to people and when they feel they are getting value from what you share they will be encourage to visit your signature links or profile links which would in turn lead them to your website.

    5) You may want to have a look at guest blogging. This means you will find specific high traffic blogs where your target audience hangs out and then request the blog owner to give you the permission to host one of your articles on his website with a link back to your website. You then write a great article that adds value to the blog owner's site and thus it becomes a win win situation for both of you.

    These should help you get started

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    facebook marketing good?

    never heard of squidoo will look that thank you

    ill give guest blogging and forumn a look at also

    thank you
    Signature UK Will Writing Service
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