this little step will change you

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If you're thinking of marketing in terms of
SEO, emails, PPC, or any traffic generating
method, then this message is right for you.

Here's the story.

6 years ago, I was absolutely crazy about
traffic. I was new to this, and thought
having a flood of people in would make
things change. I thought it would make me
rich. I mean, if so many people visit me, I'm
gonna get sales, and I'm gonna make money.

It turns out that I was dead wrong.

Lost thousands of dollars, and hundreds of
hours. Down the drain.

You need to flip your thinking a bit. I flipped
it a little, and it was so amazingly simple I
couldn't believe I didn't think about it before.

Instead of thinking of "how many" people
you want to rope in...

Think in the lines of "how many" QUALIFIED
people you can bring in...

According to the Pareto Principle, you really
only want 20% of the normal kind of traffic
that a typical internet marketer would send
to his offer.

Think along the lines of...

- What does the customer want?
- Where can I get these qualified customers?

Instead of...

- What can I sell?
- Where can I get MORE and more readers?

It's a simple change, but sometimes, all that's
needed is one little step.

Hope that helped.

Winston Tian
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    Good share, Winston.
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    I guess it's more of thinking lesser of what we want
    & start thinking of what our customers what?

    Thanks for sharing winston.
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    Good share. Targeted customers is the way to go rather than pure quantitative amounts.
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    what a nice share mate...
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    Nice and useful post! Thanks for sharing.
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    good point. this is important to realize as soon as u can. thanks.

    and in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.

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    Thanks for the kind comments.

    What's important is to start by thinking
    from the perspective of a customer...
    Most marketers "lose the sense of being
    a customer", and start treating marketing
    like playing chess.

    Therefore, this should be a consistent
    reminder to people... There should be
    a matching of desire and solution -
    when both are placed correctly, the
    sale happens naturally.

    Winston Tian

    The Beginner's Doctor

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    I always think of what customer want and need from us. Think as the customer point of view. Make them feel that we are the one who can help them. I mean really help them. Not con them.
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    you are correct ,,we really need that kind of traffic who are helpful for our site .
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      Good post Winston, we all need to keep reminded of this,
      well done, Rex.
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    It is always the simple step that makes the big change. And from the experience of you and many others of that time, the later generation of Internet Marketer knows that it's all about quality not the quantity. Nice to read the experience.

    check out the Pros and Cons of CPA

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    Great Post winston. I took a few leaves from your post. Will be utilizing them.
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