As A Newbie, where Should I begin?

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Hello Warriors,

My Name is Dahnell and I am new to Internet Marketing. A couple Months ago I across a wealth of information on Internet Marketing and now consider my self a student of the Industry. I think I have all teh information I need to at the very least Start in IM but am curious as to how where I should begin. Do you recoomend starting off in PPC or should I start with my own information product? If I go with my own Info product do you recommend starting with a PLR or writing one myself. Which of these offers the highest probability of success which will allow me to finally retire my day job, something I am almost dying to do?
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    Take some time and read through this thread. It will give you a ton of ideas of where and how to start. There are a ton of ideas in there and a bunch of great information.
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    My thread.

    I wish i'd had it when i started but i hadn't written it yet!
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    Yeah same, i did PPC as a noob and lost £300!
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    You know yourself, so you know what your strengths are and what your weaknesses are. As a newbie, I would say the easiest way for most people to start is selling other people's product. So what you do is set up a squeeze or opt-in page offering something of value 4 free. Its easy to do, if you dont know how, go to elance, shouldn't cost you more than 50 bucks, build your list with ppc, writing articles, posting on forums etc. After you have a reasonable amount, you can recommend other people's product to them.
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    good info guys, newbie here too thanks
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    I think the best way to start is to create your own information product so you can then go out and market it. Go out there and find a hot market, find people with problems in that market and solve the problems.

    Personally I would avoid PPC because it will take alot of time and money to get right (well from my experience).

    I hope that helps
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      Yeah, just start by reading the forum.
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        I would say to read and learn a lot of information here on warrior. The important thing is try not to get information overload. Keep good notes and try one technique at a time that you may learn in this forum. Don't be afraid, take action. Failing forward is a good thing and something we all have done.

        Absolutely do not start out in PPC as a total newbie. Not unless you have a very experienced coach walking you through each step.
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    1)Create your info product
    2)Start selling it on
    3)Put video promoting your product on
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    No soldier goes into battle with some basic training.

    my advice is invest in yourself and undertake some training to get the knowledge you need to move forward.

    1) Be active in this forum - read posts ask questions - the info on this forum is worth $$$$$

    2) Buy ebooks from established marketers - read them, take action

    3) Sign up for free courses, join email lists ... there plenty of high quality offers for free stuff on this site that will help

    4) Avoid info overload - Work out your plan stick to it. Avoid the hype and enjoy the journey.

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    Great info. Thanks everyone for sharing.

    Question, does anyone know if there is a list of "definitions"?

    I've read the "New this" sticky that has tons of great info. But honestly, I don't know what all the terms & abbreviations mean. I searched but didn't find anything.

    Thanks again,
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      Originally Posted by SandraCee View Post

      Great info. Thanks everyone for sharing.

      Question, does anyone know if there is a list of "definitions"?

      I've read the "New this" sticky that has tons of great info. But honestly, I don't know what all the terms & abbreviations mean. I searched but didn't find anything.

      Thanks again,
      Don't know which ones in particular you're looking for but there are some of the more common ones here

      78 Internet Marketing Acronyms and Internet Marketing Abbreviations


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    if you have lots of money, go n learn PPC and start testing... see whether PPC is for you... it's very quick.

    if you have less money, do bum marketing and promotes clickbank or other network's products..... but since you got less money, you have to prepare to work harder...
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    Understanding what you're looking for is important in order to escape confusion and info-overload that many newbies run into.

    You should be looking for info a online business model or system that you can be comfortable with.

    Then you should be looking for a group of people you would like to market to that are spending money.

    Here's a thread ( mine ) that will help you cut your searching curve.

    Hope It Helps!!!


    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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    I'd say

    first of all, forget those sayings that you can retire from your day job easily just by marketing online
    it could be done, but before u do so, make sure you do have a reserve of money for 1 year of daily expense

    as a newbie, you can do affiliate and cpa
    some of warriors have stated well that you can do bum marketing and ppc
    once u progress, create info product

    yea, i almost forgot
    the main key to success is to take action and follow the right track
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      Welcome to the WF. When I first started I read everything on the "Best of Thread." It was immensely helpful and I still implement some of those suggestions and they have made me some good money over the past 1.5 years. I would suggest that you search the following: Article marketing, public domain, blogging, etc ... Good luck.
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    well i guess i need the class for dummies cause i still don.t know where to start. you see i too am just getting started on this forum so any input would hehp me alot. Probably the coolest keyword research tool I've ever seen you think humm???
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    We all were in your position at some point. I have to say it's a process. Read as much as you can and start looking for consistencies with what works, this forum is great, I DEFINITELY do not recommend starting with PPC.. I ate $400 in one day because I didn't set a limit and got all excited to get started.

    one of the things I think i did to fast was put up a bunch of sites and spread myself to thin, I highly recommend starting with 1 site and learning from your mistakes before branching out into tons.

    best of luck!
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    If you want to make a product then be prepared to invest money or a lot of hard work and a bit of money.

    Maybe do some affiliate marketing first, marketing products your into will give you skills to market your own product and you might get some good idea's when you understand the market your interested in more.

    The Affiliate Playboy

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    I'm also new to all this and am in the learnig stage. Thats why i'm here. I think ive learned a lot but I need some one to give me a big kick in the ---- to get me going and stop just looking for the next big deal. Any takers???
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    I agree with some of the other posts i would not recommend just jumping into PPC right off the bat, go invest in perry marshalls definative guide to google adwords this is a great starting point and is a must read.
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    Lurk in this forum for a while to learn most of what you need to know. Don't buy too many products or you'll run out of money fast and have information overload at the same time.

    Find out what you're good at that is an essential part of internet marketing. It may be writing articles, it may be doing graphics or designing web sites, or it may be a talent for ppc or copywriting. I'd be wary about ppc, though, as you can so easily get through a bunch of money super fast and have nothing to show for it. Best to learn from the masters first, on that one.

    When you know what you're naturally good at, work at it until you're one of the best. This takes time and effort but it really is the only way. Then you'll be well set up to enjoy the rewards.
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    Read through the forum you easily can pick up ideas and mould them into your own, you just have to want to do it!
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    To start out, I would assess what your natural strengths and interests are. You'll be exponentially more successful in anything you do online if you first set the groundwork right. Don't be about the money to start your journey, find the right path first and the money will come!
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    ~ The only regrets in life arise from the risks you never took ... Jason Aurelius Sawicki
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    Read some post here on the warrior forum, there is a ton of good information here. Some things that I would get involved in right off the bat would be creating a product, marketing it and building a list

    Article marketing and blogging for free traffic and focus on building relationships for possible JV's
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