Need Advice: Interactive Online Training - Not IM

by Dave Fowler 2 replies
Looking for advice from the experts, but not sure if it's appropriate here as this is not an IM question, but it IS to do with 'online'.

One area of my offline business has been in preparing (typesetting etc into pdf for onward printing) training courses for clients both in hard copy, and on CD with training videos (role plays supplied by outside sources) for various corporate clients. These courses are miles away from IM, involving manufacturing processes, tele-sales, distribution logistics and more.

Well they've now come to me and are looking for fully interactive solutions online for their training. I don't want to miss out on this, and as I've been given 'first refusal' so to speak, I need to know what is available out there.

I did look at this several years ago, and Macromedia seemed the obvious choice, but I've not kept up to date. As we have so many experts in all areas here on the WF, it seemed the obvious place to ask for guidance.

So, can anyone recommend a package(s) that I can use to incorporate this 'interactivity'?

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