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What do I do? Got a spam private msg today from someone on here. Do I report it to someone? Just delete it? Thanks for any advice.
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    Got the same message....

    Due to the time that you posted this I am guessing it was also from the user known as: TheSalesTechnician.

    As stoked as I am to have my advertising space increased to 500%, and to have my pre-acceptance "hand moderated" (haha) I think I'll pass.

    Oh, and one of the advantages of using his services:

    You don't have to spend your money.

    I didn't make that up.


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      Opeleroy yes I got the same msg as you.

      Thanks for the replies.

      ChipFixx custom mixed auto touchup paint kits.

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    I know how you feel about being spammed. My email account is the worst as the amount of garbage I get daily is huge.

    I would report it to Admin, especially if it's a repeat offender. They are very fast at taking action and keeping the Forum clean and tidy. Let's give it up to Admin and WF. We salute you guys!
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      I agree. My email(s) gets mountains of garbage every day.

      But this is the first time since I've signed up with WF that I've gotten a spam message directly to my WF inbox.

      I might've bitten if the offer was a little better....


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        I posted about this in another thread. The basics: Several accounts (now 6 or 7) have been compromised. Looks like a dictionary attack caught some weak passwords. Might also be that these folks have malware on their systems that caught their login details.

        At any rate, the accounts involved are sending PM spam, but it's not from tha actual owners of those accounts.

        Important warning:

        I recommend you not go anywhere near the link in that spam, much less sign up.

        That's some potentially VERY dangerous stuff going on there. And I don't mean the services they advertise. Chinese registrar, Russian DNS (and likely hosting). Probable botnet involvement, and they want an email address and phone number to sign up for the free accounts. Not to mention the info they'll pick up from your browser.

        Signing up would be like waving a big red flag and shouting "Hack Me!"

        Stop by Paul's Pub - my little hangout on Facebook.

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          Like waving a red flag and leaving the front door open as well...


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    Just been PMming with Paul about this.

    Apparently the guy's account has been hacked. The target domain is invariably a phishing scam, so folks should not even go to the site.
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    I do get the same message from thesalestecnician.

    At first I thought it was some kind of ads someone purchased to be send to the private message. After seeing this thread, Now I know I need to be more careful next time.
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    Today, I also received one. Not expected really.

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    What you will do that is totally depends on you. On every week I receives all most one spam PM. I just delete those mgs.
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