Amazon S3 Firefox organizer 0.4.0 -- Where to find one? (Old version)

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Hi Warriors,

I'm racking my head for the last hour trying to find a way to install the old version of Amazon S3 Firefox organizer -- 0.4.0 (the new one is 0.4.1)

The issue is with its incompatibility with Firefox 2.0 -- when I'm trying to create an Amazon S3 account when S3 organizer is open, it says - can't pull the account information.... and I just can't do anything.

I found this on mozilla website:

"Version 0.4.1 does not work with Firefox 2.0. You will get "Error pulling account information". You need to uninstall this version and install 0.4.0. Once it is working, it is one of the amazing S3clients I have seen. Very compact and very easy to use. I would have liked to see the Sync setting window be a little more user friendly."

Sounds simple - but when you search the Net, you just can't find the old version...

Both and S3 Firefox Organizer have the new version of S3 client ONLY...

So I would really appreciate if anyone could help me out with this....

Thanks in advance,


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