Where to start with $300

by raisy7
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I am new to the internet market industry and I have $300 to spend on a business that will make me money not loads but some to start of with.
Im asking here for the best way to start with the $300 and the easiest because as soon as i make money the more attention i will pay at learning the SEO business and internet marketing.
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    I would invest in a course like bring the fresh and follow there teaching. Its no quick fix to make money but it will give you a solid base to work from
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      You can start with make decision on which part of internet marketing that match with your passion. Example you choose Affiliate, after that you can searching Affiliate Guru and follow them by subscribe at their list without spend your money. And then use your money to invest by take action ex. buy domain and hosting, autoresponder, etc.
      Hope you get an idea
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        right first you need to look at your options and on what you want to do and then try to bring it to the top places or make more money then you have you can do many things but first you need to know what to do and how to do it hope this helps
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    Get a decent course and follow each step, don't try cutting corners, set up some good deals with top producers if you can offering them services that you are good at in return for some knowledge and advice from them, and find out who the top people in the business are and what they are doing, then try replicating it.

    You should also try and utilise the resources available free before paying for ones else that budget could drain very fast.
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    Where do i find the course from
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      Originally Posted by raisy7 View Post

      Where do i find the course from
      You can find a decent course from one of the top marketers online, or join an inner circle of one of them, I have paid anything from $30 - $1,000 for courses and some of the cheaper ones have had as good if not better content, but it really depends who you can click with and get the most out of.

      If you have someone you follow or would like a few suggestions PM me.
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    You can quickly spend your $300 and get no where. What is the product or service you either have to offer or want to market? How is the demand for this product/service? What are your goals?

    A course won't do anything for you unless you know why you are buying the course. A course doesn't make you money.

    My advice is to poke around the forum, don't ask where to spend your money unless you have a product or service and need advice on how to spend it on advertising, seo, pr, etc. Spend a little time learning and you might learn enough not to spend your whole wad.
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    Oh, one last thing. If you are new to this, try not to get caught up in over-consuming information. Pick something, stick to it, stick to it, stick to it. Then, once you have mastered it, you can learn more or move on to teaching it to others.
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    Delete this post. Put your $300 in your pocket. Find the search button right up under your name in the top right corner of the page and search for the other 1000 times this was asked this week.

    Read through every other one and you'll see why you don't need more than $20 to get started in this biz and you can use the other $280 to get some sushi and a WoW subscription.

    -- j

    Posting About Life & Video Games:

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    Buy one WSO for $5 and stick to it. Keep the other $295 in your pocket.
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    i can recommend many courses but first you have to know the terminology and what things mean before you dable with everything.
    try affliate marketing.....get your feet wet.
    but, you definitely need a coach........do not go with a big time coach. believe me i tried. they will not have time for you if they have alot of memebrs.
    contact me for some good names.
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      Thanks for all the replies guys, I currently am 16 years so I have a couple of years that I can try out with few things and learn my IM my question is then what should I practice first, I really like the Idea of a MNS site or buying one from flippa then flipping it to generate more cash but I guess i'll need to learn about traffic and all that, first.
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    My suggestion. Start with MNS.

    You will learn so much information about SEO in general. All the knowledge you aquire will help you along your way for future projects.

    With $300 you could start up 3-4 MNS sites and have them all making money easily.

    Take a look at the free guide listed in my sig. It will teach you everything you need to know to get started. The guide has all the basics of "Bring It Fresh"... but it's completely FREE.

    So many courses out there when you can get all the info you need for free.
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    We could do a joint wso launch together. We both come up with a product on CPA with a twist or Facebook Ads supremo etc. Release a wso, provide value and quality to the audience. What do you think?
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    Invest money in your head. Knowledge is power!
    Pinghall - Real-Time Website Monitor.
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    This sounds like spam. Don't email.
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    Learn how this Super Affiliate does it through 13 videos, watch him teach you FREE (NO Joke), click here to sign up now. This is BS & Hype FREE (Finally)
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    Do a lot of reading in this forum or blogs. It will help a lot in your make money journey
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    i'd advise you learn first before any sort of investment except you want to blow away your money away.
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    Originally Posted by raisy7 View Post

    I am new to the internet market industry and I have $300 to spend on a business that will make me money not loads but some to start of with.
    Im asking here for the best way to start with the $300 and the easiest because as soon as i make money the more attention i will pay at learning the SEO business and internet marketing.
    1. It is great to hear you want to get into the Internet marketing arena. Congratulations and welcome.

    2. To succeed in this industry what you require is knowledge. Specialized knowledge. Cutting-edge Information. I suggest you spend no less than 40 hours reading about internet marketing. Learn where to start, how to start, success stories, the pitfalls, and the technicalities of the business. Start with this thread.

    And then read all the threads in this forum about starting an internet business. Your question is asked nearly everyday and people have given countless valuable answers.

    3. You need to realize that starting and succeeding in Internet marketing is not about money. Money will help, but it is not the most potent arsenal.

    4. Your determination, and the consistent action you take will sharp your success or lack of it. Read this post if you have not done so yet.


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    You could use the $300 to buy an adspace through Buy Sell Ads and promote WSO...

    1. Join Warriorplus/ JVzoo to become WSO affiliate
    2. Promote WSO about make money online that give 100% commission
    3. Advertise on website that related with make money online/ IM
    4. Direct linking the ads with your WSO

    Another option...
    Use the $300 to buy a cheap website, that have got a little revenue, from Flippa.

    Increase the site's revenue, with one of the ways below:
    1. enhance the design/ change the theme, so the CTR could be higher, or...
    2. enhance the SEO, or...
    3. enhance the traffic using Forum Marketing, or...
    4. place more ads/ CPA offers/ Affiliate products on the site to increase the revenue.

    After the site gets more revenue, you flip it again on Flippa. You earn money by adding value to a website, so you could sell it for higher price.
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    Sit on the money mate... don't spend a dime until you know what kind of business model you'd like to follow. Whether it's affiliate marketing, product creation or whatever.

    Sit on it.

    Two things I'd be tempted to do though are:

    1) Invest in hosting, a domain name and an auto-responder and build a blog about your experiences in IM and what you're learning. One it'll teach you the basics of traffic, list building, email marketing plus you'll have an online journal. Second you might make some short change out of it.

    2) If you want to make money fast then consider offering a service. Quick money and you can work on improving important skill sets.

    ... and after that it's all about perseverance and consistency.
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      Ive been trying to find opportunity also over the internet, one of the best things i found out with little investment is FOREX..try searching Binary Oprtions online, i don't know you might want to consider it.
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    You can start without a website or domain.
    No need for all that stuff.
    Let me know if you are interested, send me an email to
    support at fastcashacademy.com
    and I will explain more.
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    If you have the right skills and knowledge, you can start making money without any investment. Getting a paid thread on this forum will make things faster. I make $100-1,000 for each $20 invested on bumping a WF thread advertising my service. (If you pay me, I can help you set up a business )

    Don't buy any GUIDEBOOKS or COURSES. Those things never help you make money. All the info is out there in the open. Don't make some clever marketer rich because you are too dumb to Google. (I paid for two WSOs. Both of them were useless.)

    If you want immediate income, get a readymade website that is making money. All the best.
    >> Web Design, Wordpress & SEO - XtraPunch.com <<
    Web Design & SEO Agency | Serving World Wide from New Delhi, India

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    I wouldn't spend that money, IM don't need so much to start, there are many free ways to promote your affiliate products. Keep your money, spend only some to buy a good .com domain name, host it and if you wish (which is not necessary) pay someone to design it for you or to do on page SEO.

    In my opinion, you don't need so much money to start IM.
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    I made some market research and tried to make the rating for internet money-making ideas. Of course, the result can’t claim to be absolutely perfect, but you can watch it on my website and find some offers for at home money making for you. I would be grateful for comments and observations.

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    Ebook field is a good idea. but you must know about set up a commerce shop
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    Do on a google search for these things: Clickbank, ShareaSale, AbestWeb, IMReportCard, Chris Farrell, DBA, Worldwide Brands, Ebay, Amazon, Adsense, EZinearticles, Fiverr, Dropshipping, Autoresponder, List making, Wordpress...

    All of those things should give you a boat-load of free things to read until you know what direction you think you want to go in...then once you know that, look for reviews & decide if you need a mentor...those things will start a bread-crumb trail that you can follow to success. There is only 1 right way for you. You know your strengths & weaknesses. We don't. You know if you'd need to outsource certain things We don't. Chances are you are going to need a domain of some sort, but you can even get started without that...& it would be wise to not purchase that until you are SURE what direction you would like to go in...good luck!
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    I would suggest testing out Adwords...you can start for free with their $100 free vouchers I know it takes time to learn PPC, but once you figure it out you will proud you did!
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    When you will tell that you have money to spend, you will find a lot of place to do that. I am not with the point of going for a course. Everything is available in internet and in this forum you will find a lot. Bookish knowledge or courses can not give you the experience that is required to work on IM. The best way could be buying a domain depending on your interest, keep the rest amount in pocket and try to learn through mistake.

    check out the Pros and Cons of CPA

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    Hi Raisy,
    I would strongly recommend you invest in a monthly coaching program. There are plenty available and you will get FULL support if you get stuck.

    You can't cut corners in this game. If you do, you will just end up running out of money and in turn lose faith that this stuff actually works!

    I can assure you it does! But you gotta do it right. There are some basics that you MUST have and certain things that you MUST do in order for it to work.

    Some of your $300 will need to go on thr following.....

    Purchasing a domain name and a hosting account: approx $10 per year for the domain name and around the same per month for hosting.
    An autoresponder to manager your email list: Approx $19 per month but some are free for the first month like Aweber (which is the one I use and would recommend)
    A Good quality training program: Approx $30 to $50 per month.

    So your initial fisrt months outlay would be between $50 to $70 leaving you a healthy sum to keep for further months of subscription while you set things up and start learning how to get those first few sales in.

    Then it's a case of re-investing your profits to build your business while you continue to work through your training program.

    Like I said at the beginning, there are plenty of good programs out there. You just need to do your homework as to which is suited to you best, and the easiest way to do that is to look in the product review section of this very forum.

    There you will get good frank and honest reviews rather than reviews by the actual people who are selling the programs!

    There are a couple of great ones on my blog that you are welcome to look at, including one from my personal mentor which I stuck with from the start and it worked wonders for me!

    Everyone is different though. You need to find something that feels right for you!

    Wishing you all the best!

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    Hover to the warriors for hire section and find someone who can offer product/wso creation package complete with sale letters etc. You can also post job at Odesk, Freelancer or Elance. Start your journey by creating your first WSO. All the knowledge will come slowly by itself during the process. In other word, practice makes perfect.

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    If you dont know how to invest the money it is a good idea not to invest at all. First learn manual work and then invest for automatic softwares.
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    If you are willing to invest the needed time and effort, you can basically learn all that you need to know from the information and great products here on the Warrior Forum. Study all of the internet marketing threads and invest in a few of the Warrior Special Offer internet marketing products.
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    I am interested in this business, and I'm sure I can get money from this forum....Fighting
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    It depends what area you want to concentrate on in IM, what your weekly, monthly and even yearly goals are and how much income you're aiming for.
    The Rock n Roll of Marketing Reviews
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    1. First: Put the money in your pocket and keep it there! I'm quite shocked that no one here mentioned the war room... I see that you're not a war room member. It's $40, I think. Best money you'll spend! And then just start reading. But NO more than one day...

    And hosting + domain + autoresponder is a MUST. Autoresponder Mailchimp is free, so use that to get started (but not suitable for affiliate marketing)

    2. Then you need to decide ONE thing what you want to do. Do you want to be an affiliate, be a product creator, offer services... NOT two projects, but ONE! Chasing two rabbits will not be a success. One you can catch, but not two at the same time!

    3. What is your goal? How much money how quickly? (be realistic, and set that $100 per day goal...)

    4. Generate some seed money. Like $200 - $300 through services that you can generate over and over again.

    If you just spend your $300 and NOT get anywhere, you're stuck. Save your money and try to make some seed money

    5. Invest that SEED money into some coaching where you have people BUSTING your balls! YOU need someone who is looking after you and looking that you don't procrastinate!

    6. Post a WSO where you are looking for people to join your Skype Group... maybe for a very small fee, like $1 (to let the tire kickers keep kicking the tires) -- and these will keep you Accountable for your actions. If there were 10 people, and each person would look out / mentor for two - three people, it would have some GREAT impact. Look for people who are highly motivated.

    7. Create your own products (first one could be about your skype group thing, to share your exprience and the success, the second could be an interview based on a similar subject), use the seed money to pay a copywriter

    8. Release WSOs like a mad scientist, LURE affiliates. Have a BLOG with your free product that they can download for free, post about your own successes. Generate fans.

    9. Release the successful WSOs as clickbank products (or any other place) and command high prices... + attract affiliates. Sell the high ticket items through Webinars!


    11. Rinse + Repeat, Automate, Outsource

    These would be my suggestions...

    Originally Posted by raisy7 View Post

    I am new to the internet market industry and I have $300 to spend on a business that will make me money not loads but some to start of with.
    Im asking here for the best way to start with the $300 and the easiest because as soon as i make money the more attention i will pay at learning the SEO business and internet marketing.

    Traffic and Conversions.
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    Originally Posted by raisy7 View Post

    I am new to the internet market industry and I have $300 to spend on a business that will make me money not loads but some to start of with.
    Im asking here for the best way to start with the $300 and the easiest because as soon as i make money the more attention i will pay at learning the SEO business and internet marketing.
    Warrior Forum knowledge = Free
    Google "SEO" "Wordpress", etc. = Free
    Domain Name = $8
    Hosting $8

    Experience = Priceless

    With $300 you're probably going to have to build something from scratch. Or you could go to Flippa and look for something that's already been built and has the potential of turning into something of value.

    Either way, nothing beats investing in yourself and "Just do it!"

    If you're smart with your $300 you can probably turn it into a full time income in no time flat.
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      Originally Posted by craigslistleedz View Post

      If you're smart with your $300 you can probably turn it into a full time income in no time flat.
      "Flat" may, of course, be the operative word, here.
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    I would put that $300 back in your pocket and start to learn from the forum first by reading, then read some more, and then some more. If you blow it on the wrong thing then you will end up back where you started and probably end up spending more and more to try and make a profit.
    If you really want to spend some then join the War Room and get some of the fantastic info on offer in there. DONT buy shiny WSO's which promise $xxxx in xxxx days!

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    There are a TON of things you could do with $300. I'd invest in a bunch of products to sell on eBay, and start making some instant money.

    Then I'd setup some related websites, where I would send buyers to after they bought the initial product on eBay. This way I would have a lead generation system (eBay) and a good backend system.
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    Save the money. Don't invest it in a bunch of so called "systems" here on this forum whatever you do.

    Learn enough to know what you really want to get into. There is plenty of free material online....learn how to search with Google....experiment with a free blog for awhile...

    Just take it easy or you'll soon find that your money is gone and you aren't making a dime.
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    1. Create a game plan - a business plan that has your goals spelled out.
    2. Never say you don't want to make loads of money. You will achieve what you WANT
    3. Use the money for the following items:
    Email marketing service (Getresponse for example)
    Domain name (once you've figured out your biz model)
    4. You don't need to buy any course. Consider this, most courses are BS and designed for one reason: to make the course creator rich. Instead find a mentor. Someone who has done this before on a similar scale to what you want, and then spend time with them, work for them, learn from them.
    5. Be OK with failure. Failure is really non-existent for in failure you can discover the greatest things in life. So be willing and ready to "fail" a lot and be grateful for each one.
    6. Don't rush yourself.
    7. Spend less than 30 minutes on here posting and reading posts, spend most of your time in the real world doing what you have chosen as your niche. It doesn't really matter what niche you fall into, as long as you are willing to admit when it's time to move on vs stick it out.

    Good luck!

    John Westbrook ~ Poet/Author & Consultant

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