Providing a service, is a contract needed?

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If I was to make a website for someone or do any type of service for an online client is a contract needed for them to sign or do they pay before the work, or after?

Not really familiar with this area, advice needed?
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    I ALWAYS require payment up front if it is a new customer. If they don't trust me, then we don't need to be working with them in the first place.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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      Originally Posted by dvduval View Post

      I ALWAYS require payment up front if it is a new customer. If they don't trust me, then we don't need to be working with them in the first place.
      I'll tell you my situation. I've found a few potential clients and I want to contact them. they have no idea who I am and meeting them in person isn't possible. What should I do? They probably won't trust me and I don't know if I can trust them.
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    If this is a new client do have a contract in hand. You can find really pro and free templates online. Have the client take a look and have him pay 50% upfront for the job. "This payment to be the agreement signature"

    Good luck,
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    It's entirely up to you. It depends how you want to work it, what your relationship is with them, what their expectations are etc...

    I have clients who I've been working with for several years with no formal contract. They send me an invoicable amount each month and I send them an invoice. We've adjusted our arrangement several times, but always informally and never signed anything.

    If your clients don't require it - it's just a case of what you want.

    I also never charge anything up front and bill for the whole amount after I have delivered and they're happy.

    However, I do not take any work that comes my way and I have strict filters about who I work with and regularly turn down work or send them somewhere else if I think their expectations are not in-line with how I want to work.

    It's your business - YOU get to choose who you work with and how you work.

    Just be clear what you want and why then create something that describes that to show potential clients and have them agree to.


    nothing to see here.

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    Ask yourself, Do you want to look professional? Do you potentially want to work for free? That should answer your question.
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    Looking at it from a buyers point of view:
    When ever i buy a service, i use paypal and if i get ripped off or get something that Was not as described when i purchased it, i reverse the charges and i get my money back.

    So as a paying client, i feel safe that i will never get ripped off
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    I don't use a contract right now. I may in the future. To protect myself and the time I spend working on articles, I do ask to be paid upfront for my work.
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    Personally, I require upfront payment. I don't bother with contracts. My clients don't mind and I'm happy to avoid unnecessary paperwork.
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      I think it definitely depends on how you want to work it.

      I work with a lot of website designers and also people who have their own website building agencies and they all differ. Usually contracts are seen in bigger agencies and companies, and a lot of "free-lance" or independent designers and builders will either ask for payment upfront, or half upfront and the rest once the job is totally done and the customer is happy.

      Asking for half upfront is usually a good tactic I've seen because the customer knows that the worker is going to have to deliver on the content in order to receive the other half of the payment, plus it puts some money in the workers pocket to motivate them to work a little harder.

      Test what works the best for you, see if your clients are asking for contracts or if they seem to totally be fine without one.

      Like others have stated above me, you can find templates online for probably free or very cheap.

      Hope this helps, good luck with your ventures!

      To your success,
      Andrew Kauzlaric
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