Is IM Your Business or Hobby? Warning This May Ruffle Some Feathers If You're The Sensitive Type...

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Hi Guys,

We all read these posts here everyday, I made $6,000 in 2 days, I made $10,000 in one week, I made $1500 without even trying, I made a million last year and here's how, yet, when all is said and done, majority if not all of these posts as far as I can tell always conveniently exclude telling just HOW successful those promos really were (in terms of ROI, profits, reinvestment funds, growth rate for the near and far future, etc).

I mean lets face it, if I spent 2 years struggling to make money, and I spent $10,000 over that 2 years (plus a lot of other costs I don't consider) then over a 2 day period one month recently I bag $6,000, I get all excited and whoopdiedoo all over the place that I made money, I made tons, I made thousands, I'm one of those Internet geniuses, I'm an Internet success story (at least in the making or even already), I can teach people how to do this too, and all that, am I really being honest with myself?

Am I not actually forgetting something, that I spent $10,000+ so far, and I made $6,000 so far, erm, that means I'm still in the red, right? By Over $4,000! And, if my mortgage and other payments are due plus if I owe some folks that $4,000+, why exactly am I dancing around feeling like a success?

I would be far smarter to do the same thing again at least a couple of times, break even or make a real profit and then re-invest before I even thought to dance around. That would be the smart business thing to do, right?

Frankly, we wouldn't do this in the real world, if someone owed $10,000 even to their own bank balance, and they made $6,000 they would be happy yes but they wouldn't post up a free newspaper ad screaming about it...

Why are such small "successes" (and I use that word with caution), such a big deal especially when they really aren't "successes" after all -- if debt is owed and if it was a fluke that can't be easily repeated, it's NOT a success.

Don't get me wrong, I was online 2 years without making a dime, spending 20 hours a day toiling before I eventually made my first $11.97 selling my first ebook, and it was the best money I ever made (emotions-wise).

But I wasn't thinking like I am now, I was younger then, more aloof, now I'm older, wiser, and I know that was really NOT a success story, it was a mere seed to that success story, and until I at least broke even on what I spent over the first 2 years, I really shouldn't have started to relax or feel so great, I should have buckled down and just tried to make a ton more money to cover my growing debts and then have more to reinvest BEFORE I felt successful...

All this is common sense in the real world... I don't know why when we get online we throw all this common sense to the wind, online is still the real world you know, and even more so since this is the ONLY source of income (fast or slow for many people). I'm going to be very blunt... (well I'm going to be more blunt...;-)

Till you have broken even on EVERY SINGLE DIME you spent toiling to make money, affiliate sales, your own product sales, adsense, and so on, you have NOT succeeded. You're not even CLOSE. Please look at this the right way, I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade, but if you've been down the dark dark roads I've been, you'd see the sense in these comments...

You are one step closer to success by accomplishing these feats, but till you WIPE OUT your debts and can honestly say you have a SUREFIRE income coming in for X and X amount over the next 30 or more days, that will GUARANTEE your business is in a POSITIVE cash flow situation and DEBT FREE, you still have A LOT to do, now is NOT the time to get ultra excited, all those feelings will probably just lead to complacency and that will lead to you misspending those funds and then where will you be? And by misspending I don't just mean on frivolities, I mean on anything that doesn't get you closer to being 100% debt free for a long long long long time to come after.

Listen carefully to a warrior with the T-shirt"S" to prove all those silly mistakes, till you have broken even or cleared your debts and are in profit and regular profit at that, you're not yet in business, you have a hobby and an expensive one at that...

If you want a business... buckle down, don't scream about money that really is debt, unless you are really certain it's profits all the way, then yes encourage others, otherwise you're spreading false hopes, and that ain't gonna help anyone in the LONG RUN...

Just a sound suggestion from one who's been there, you can take it, or leave it but I really hope you take it.


Kunle Olomofe
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    How is taking a huge chunk out of your debt NOT something to be excited about? I think if you make your first sale ever, if you just landed an offline client, by all means "scream" about it here, because this is the place for showing how we did it and sharing money making ideas.

    The fact that these people are able to make $1000 here or $15000 is awesome, but what's even more awesome is that they now know how to do it and therefore can replicate it. If you don't call that success, then I don't know what is.
    Curtis Ng (blog) - Product Launch Manager
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    I tend to agree with you kunle..

    it's the samething as people thinking they are making money when they sell their old stuff on ebay.. you aren't really 'making money on the internet' by buying something for $100, then selling it for $20. You've liguidated some assets for a 80% loss. The only people who get rich while losing money are stock brokers and CEO's

    However, if they finaly turned the corner in their online efforts and have begun generating income (repeatable - and greater then their expenses), then by all means celebrate


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      Hey Kunie
      I hear what you're saying here. Too many people go through exactly your scenario, then want to leverage that flash in the pan success, by broadcasting how they made $1500 in five minutes. What they don't tell you is the investment they made during the past 2 years.

      One thing you didn't mention (I think), is that in addition to the actual physical investment of money, is the time investment. Accountants refer to this as opportunity cost. If you spent four hours on the computer today working, then you should 'book' an hourly wage (if only on paper) for those four hours.

      But yet, the other people that have replied have brought up good points. When you've spent 2 years building this up, and you slowly begin to spot a positive trend, you want to celebrate.

      I believe your message is focused more on the intent of why people are 'broadcasting' their success.

      However, I emphatically agree with you....


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        Hi Talltom,

        You're right about the opportunity cost, I pondered adding but didn't want to overwhelm any skeptical newer warriors, I was gonna ease into that

        As for being happy, by all means, if you read my post you'll see where I state that that is only normal, but just don't get carried away and misspend those funds in "celebration", the time for that party may be months away yet.

        As to intent for posting (mine and theirs), I'll speak for myself... I posted this because few if anyone says it and its the basis for why we're here, to make profits not just to make money. If you're not making profits then you have an expensive hobby, say that when you post and no problems, illusions or misleading info there, if you mask that as a successful business story when you know the truth is you'll still be in the red a long time, you're only spreading false hope... others will believe once you hit a great mark you've made it, they will forget as many of us do that to hit that mark may actually gulp far more or at least a serious amount of resources BILLABLE TIME inclusive...

        Anyway, I hope it opens the eyes of those READY to see the light.

        Thanks for your post, it's refreshing to see some warriors who GET IT.


        Kunle Olomofe
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    Curtis I think you missed the actual point of the post, read it again, and read between the lines it will pop out at you. I'm not saying don't get excited if you reduce your debt. I'm saying don't make it sound like you've solved the whole problem when in fact you're far from doing so, even someone who made a million dollars in sales over 30 days and who has business debts of 1.5 million should first clear the debt before singing his own successes, he's not successful yet because if the bank were to foreclose on him they wouldn't care a hoot he made a million in 30 days, from something especially if he can't promise to do it again just to pay off his last 500K debt, if he starts talking gibberish or was foolish enough to spend a dime of that $1M without a sure way to make more, his success just turned to muck. the point is as Jason put it...

    Jason, you're dead on with that example, people think IM is a business, but for many it's really a hobby because if you asked them to show you their balance sheet for a year's online business transactions, the sheet would fail to balance and yet they'd be fine with it and sing great songs of some fluke sales they made at some time or other.

    Like I said, you may miss the point of this post, if you do, read it again, I'm simply telling you what a real world accountant would, till you're even on the expenses, or you have profits (regularly) you're carrying around a serious burden not a "successful" business because you made a few "breakthroughs", if you CAN'T repeat it, you better try and do something else to make other breakthroughs, business is NOT about making SOME breakthroughs, it's about first breaking even, then making profits, then increasing those profits... any other idea is not business, it's you nursing an expensive toy.

    Hope that makes it clearer.


    Kunle Olomofe
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    I agree Kunle. So many of the headlines are really just meant to be eye catching so that someone will spend money trying to achieve the ad line.

    True and long lasting success is never 'turn-key' and it often takes up much more up front investment of money and time to make it happen that is ever realized.

    I like your stance on being real about where you're at, knowing that profit doesn't equal revenue!
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