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Can anyone tell me how responsive are the subscribers opted-in from FREE WSO?
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    I did a free WSOs and I am no longer doing it... that should tell you enough.

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    Originally Posted by eternalwarrior View Post

    Can anyone tell me how responsive are the subscribers opted-in from FREE WSO?
    This is a very broad question, with many factors involved,

    but I can say if you offer a good free item, report/ ebook etc, and provide outstanding value in this, then your customers should trust you, and be more responsive than if you give them something poor.

    Look out for the best interest of the customer.

    But why not turn the idea into a paid WSO? (even if it is worth $1-$2).

    Then you will have a list of buyers
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    As mentioned above, subscribers who 'buy' free WSOs are generally people who want free thigs and will not be particularly responsive to your later, priced WSO. I know some people like to use free books as a list building technique, but I don't do it and wouldnt advise for it.
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    Then again there are some extremely successful marketers that focus their strategies on building lists via free WSOs... so I guess that says something as well.

    There's really no right or wrong answer unfortunately. It all has to do with YOU.
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