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This tool is a great way to increase your online profits. I use it to focus in my daily activities. It's so easy to get pulled away from what you're supposed to be doing to drive your business forward - and it definitely helps me to stay grounded and on top of things:

First up, what is Productive Time?

Productive time is time spent directly generating income. Productive time is time spent creating products or services, marketing products and creating and improving marketing processes.

Productive time is NOT checking emails, surfing the internet, talking with friends or family, checking your stats, talking on the phone. Perhaps you have discovered a new product that interests you. You research it, find out if it is congruent with your current business plan. This is not productive time. It is only productive if implemented into your business and is capable of forging your business forward to reach its end goal. Unless it is implemented you are doing nothing more that reading information. In terms of productive money making activity it is irrelevant.

Understanding the meaning of productive time is essential to your business meeting its end goal.

Your Productive Time Line
(X) = multiplied

What is your financial target for the next year? (In your currency)

How many days a week do your work? (Be realistic this is your schedule

How many hours a day do you work? (Needs to be a definite number)

How many productive hours a day do you work? (Pure money making activities)

How many productive hours a week do you work? (Hours per day (X) days per week

How many weeks a year do you work? (Out of 52) __________

Total hours available to produce desired income? (Hours per week (X) weeks worked

What you must generate per hours: (Financial target (X) number above) _________

Divide by 60 to get your minute rate: _________

Here's a finished example:

Financial target
£60,000 first year

Days a week
6 days

Hours a day
10 hours

Productive hours a day
2 hours a day

Productive hours a week
12 hours a week

Weeks worked a year 5
50 weeks a year

Total available
600 hours a year

What you must generate hourly
£100.00 per hour

Divide by 60 for minute value
£1.67 per minute

So in this example we want to earn £60,000 in the next 12 months. We have said that we will be working 6 days every week and spend around 10 hours a day working. With some thought we believe we can spend 2 hours every day dedicated solely to productive, money making activity. We have simply multiplied the 12 hours of weekly productive time by the number of weeks we work a year, which in this case is 50. That means we work 600 hours a year to hit our financial target of £60,000. Break this down more and we can see that we must make £1.66 of income for every PRODUCTIVE hour that we work.

If you struggle with math or just plain hate it like I do then ask for some help. Clarity is essential for you to get your business where you want it.

To Our Success


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    Productive work is what people really should be measuring - not how much Time you spend working on your business. There is a big difference between "working" and working "productively" or working on "productive tasks" i.e. those which earn you money.

    I try and hit 4 productive hours per day, any less than that and I know I've been slacking off. To keep focused it's very helpful to to make out a To Do List each evening for the next days tasks - stick to it and you'll find yourself accomplishing more in a shorter period of time.
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    Thanks for your reply.
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