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I joined WF couple days ago and the last couple of days ive received great information helping me set up my 'online side of business'. Very constructive feedback and advice unlike other sites (UKBF) and i appreciate this so thank you

Video Marketing

Creating my online business plan and ive heard through WF this is a great way to bring in traffic. I tend to deal with my customers face to face and i do presentations. Do you think it would work if i did a video marketing pitch with reasons to buy a Will and put it on the homepage of my website? Or would it be best on the why to make a Will page?

I've done my keyword research and many people in the UK search for Wills and everything related. I want to make sure my site is great for the customer and if i can reassure or connect with them with a video, im happy to give it a go..agree?

thank you
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    any advice please?

    thank you
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      I think that a video of you explaining the benefits etc. of a will would be very effective on your site. A will is a rather personal thing, and so the personal (video) touch from you would inspire confidence and trust. I'd probably place it on the main page, if it fits in with the other content. But I don't think it matters too much where you place it, as long as it's easy to find. You can also submit the video (or a different one) to Youtube and other sites, of course.

      If you're going to video yourself, it's important to look trustworthy and respectable - otherwise, the video could have a negative effect on visitors. Use good lighting and a good mic, dress nicely (shirt and tie), and keep the pitch short and sincere. Maybe get some feedback from other people to make sure the video conveys the effect you want.

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    Video conversions are higher than ever.

    Submitting your video to other places and promoting it is a great way of getting you authority and organic traffic.

    Just make your video look 100% professional, create a couple split test on a sample market it before getting the one with most conversions out there.
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