Solo Ads... are these the real deal?

by Kunj K
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So I want to get good, targeted traffic to an IM offer of mine.

I LOVE solo ad providers such as Arcamax and have used them many times.

But I've been a little skeptical of using the "new crop" of solo ads by the IM crowd... you know the ones, the guys who sell 1000 clicks for $350 etc.

I know the drill...

These guys have built their list using Safe Swaps, and now they're selling solo ads 'cos the lists don't convert with their own offers/affiliate offers.

Be real here... do these solo ads convert for those that have purchased them? Or are they just freebie seekers?

Would love to hear some honest opinion for those guys who've purchased solos from the "Safe Swaps" crowd...
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    There's no right answer. Some people have good lists, others don't. No "one size fits all" sort of deal. I would ask for a screenshot of their clicks/opens, etc to see responsiveness and such. You can determine if it's worth the money from there.
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      Probably the best leads are the ones where you are the first point of contact for people trying to make money online.

      That means instead of going after people who've already be inundated with tons of internet marketing crap, you get virgin people who have just barely begun to be exposed to the internet marketing world.

      That's why I like paid advertising, going direct to the source is how I view it.
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    Like anything else, there is good, bad, and ugly. You should ask for referrals before doing business with a solo ad provider. Even after that, one man's trash is another man's treasure, so trial and error is a part of the solo ad game.

    Founder of JVZoo. All around good guy :)

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    Check out Reed Florens Solo Ad directory.He has personally used all of the providers located on his page.In full disclosure I have not tried any of them,but I have selected 3 from which to order from within the next couple of days.I will be putting my money where my mouth is.
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    Well mark ive been using solo ads for many months and ive seen a lot

    There are some awesome solo ads and some garbage ones too, you just have to get through all the fluff to find the pure gold

    One thing i will say is i have found that most of the more expensive solo ads which i have bought have been the worst converting ones

    Im not talking about actually spending more money and getting more clicks

    Im talking about how much you pay per 100 clicks

    I base everything on a 100 click solo. The average is between $30 and $65 for 100 clicks and most of the top solo ads which have sent me tonnes of buyers are solo ads which ive paid $30 - $45

    Im not saying that every solo is like this but certainly a large percentage

    The best thing to do is make sure you have a high converting squeeze page, a good high quality free offer and a good back end funnel in place

    Also any solo seller which i havent used already i always buy the cheapest solo they do, then if it performs well i go back and order the next biggest package, then if it goes well again i will go back for more

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      Originally Posted by paul nicholls View Post

      Also any solo seller which i havent used already i always buy the cheapest solo they do, then if it performs well i go back and order the next biggest package, then if it goes well again i will go back for more

      Exactly what I was going to say. Since Solo Ads are so hit or miss, and you won't really know if they'll convert or not (even with the screen shots, testimonials, etc.) you're best just trying the smallest click package. Even ask the list owner for a small test trial first. If they're list is the real deal, and you come across right... this would benefit both of you.
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    If you're looking for solo ads that really convert, you could get it on this list: Reed Floren's Solo Ad Directory

    These are solo ads that provided by reputable IMers and Warriors. And some of them provide Buyer Solo. Just ask for this service, and you'll get a high conversion traffic.
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    It's all about the sales funnel and it also depends on who you're buying from and what their current list is like.

    I know a guy who sells $2k packages all month to the leads he gets from those solo ad sources.

    Since the cost of solo ads have gone up over the past 12 months, I've had a harder time breaking even on the frontend, but I'm making a profit on the backend overall.

    You have to sell them what THEY want... Whether you're an affiliate or product creator.

    I personally wouldn't get into buying solo ads unless I were armed to the teeth with copywriting and sales skills.
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    Buying them from micro job sites can be helpful as most of these have reviews from other buyers posted right on the job

    Health and Fitness niche Affiliate Program | High CTR/EPC | Personal Account Manager 24/7 support

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    It depends on the company, there are solo ads which worth the money and other which are just a waste of money.. What you can do is, as people above said, try the small packs first and if you are satisfied go for bigger, do not invest lot of money before testing.
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    Originally Posted by Mark Sequeira View Post


    So I want to get good, targeted traffic to an IM offer of mine.

    I LOVE solo ad providers such as Arcamax and have used them many times.
    arcamax is a decent well establish company. If you had success with them, why bother using someone else much less known? Oh maybe you are promoting these other guys, huh? :rolleyes:
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    There's always a high chance that the list has been inundated with crap and there just freebie seekers. Thats why you need to get them into your list with a good free product that has real value to them so they'll open your next email. But dont try to sell to them straight off give them more free information and send them a question air asking them what they want once you then know what they want give them more value then sell them what they asked for in the question air. Its about warming your list up before the point of sale so they feel as if they can trust you this is realy important when building them kind of lists
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    What is my suggestion is not to go for high price, do a testing first with low price and see what is the open rate, click rate, optin rate and sales rate..

    If you can find out all this four things and if the results is good than you can go for high price and make more money..

    So testing is important to find the conversion rate

    I hope this helps..
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    On a scale of 1 to 5, as far as the quality of subscribers go, solo ads rank on a 3 I would say. Think about this, most people on such lists are used to seeing freebies, so if most of them are freebie seekers, they will not buy anything from you. But on average, I guess they're still worth $1 per subscriber on average.
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    If it's targeted, good. If not, bad.
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    A lot of elements play a part in running a good solo ad.
    Sometimes, it's not the solo ad, it could be your squeeze page
    or you have a poor sales funnel that don't convert well.
    But whatever it is, you gotta look around and try out solo ads
    from various providers before finding one that suits the product
    you are selling.
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    This is why building a very powerful relationship with your subscribers is very important. So that no matter where you get your subscribers from once there in your list they are yours.

    You really need to mold your subscribers into buyers sometimes. Let them know that it's OK to buy and that if your telling them to buy then it is important.
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    Will have to do some trial and error. Some lists are golden and some lists are rotten. It's good to see that you're planning on using paid advertising as part of your internet marketing strategy. Will you make paid advertising your main way to bring in new customers, or will you focus more on free marketing?
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      In the IM niche their are a lot of the same people on diff lists. If you can separate yourself and offer from the masses then you may have a chance.
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    I've done a few now, and so far the results have been good - you can get a profit off the front end.

    Many solo ad provider's will write the email, but you can always ask them to send out your email swipe, or something similar. A lot of providers write the emails because the ones they get are not appropriate for their lists. If your offer is good for their list then they won't need to alter your swipe that much.

    I say this because a well targeted swipe email will pre-sell people and increase opt-ins / conversions (as you probably know from your arcamax experience). Also its not all about safe-swaps - some providers get opt-ins from WSO's, products they have made, and other sources. The ones I have asked are normally quite transparent about it.

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    I've built my entire online business using solo ads. The biggest lesson that i've learned is use a tracking link for each vendor, track optins vs traffic and work out your CPL.

    One thing that my stats have overwhelmingly proven is that the best solo ads are not necessarily the most expensive.

    In fact, most of the time I've found that the cheaper vendors gave me the best CPL over the long run.

    For my money, start off in safeswaps, search for vendors that are <$0.35 per click and that have a good reputation with minimal negative comments, and buy 100 clicks (minimum) off them.

    If you find a couple of good ones that give you a CPL of <$1.20, see whether you can work with them outside of SS and buy larger solos off them.

    You'll end up with a nice list of low cost providers that you can deal with time and time again.

    Also, definitely stay low cost and low volume until your squeeze page is converting at around 30 - 40% unless you have an amazing sales funnel and have a high ticket item that you know will sell.

    Otherwise, your CPL will be over $2 per go, and that can get quite expensive!

    You only get one shot at life - make it awesome.

    Everyone else also gets just one crack at it - help make theirs awesome too... or, politely step out of their way.

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