What are some ways to get IDEAS coming?

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So I'm sitting here browsing the internet looking at different sites and reading information, basically brainstorming trying to come up with an idea.

I want to put a squeeze page together to generate some leads however I am stumped on what domain name I will choose as well as which one of my products I will be giving away for this page.

How does one overcome writers block and get the creative juices flowing. I am usually very creative but I can't think of anything.

What are some good ways to get ideas?? Can't think tonight..
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    So, you already have a product to sell and you need help coming up with a squeeze page? Or, are you trying to come up with a business idea?

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    All of the above. Just because I am going to need more than one vehicle. But to start with one and get it completed is the mission at hand.

    I guess it would be more along the lines of a business idea maybe. Or could it be I don't know because I cant decide on a niche?

    Not sure drawing a black here.

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    I use these 3 steps to generate business ideas...

    1. Observe
    Observe a lot of businesses that you use by yourself/ you find interesting. Feel the business. Ask a lot of questions about the business...

    2. Copy
    Copy the business model. Copy in detail, their concept, marketing, customer services, etc

    3. Tweak
    Tweak the business model, so the business can be fit into your market and solve your market's problem.

    With these easy three steps, you could generate idea easily...

    Ideas do not come from nowhere, you must see, see, and see.. and ideas will come to you automatically.

    Picasso once said, "Good Artists copy, Great Artists steal."
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    Read, observe, gather information and perspectives around the subject, but don't force finding your solution. Take a shower each morning. I often wondered why I get great creative ideas in the shower, but it's an surprisingly common phenomenon!


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    Creativity can't be forced out. You say you're a creative person (generally), so you should know this.

    When I'm stuck for ideas, I stop doing anything and:

    1) Have a fag
    2) Watch a good movie
    3) Sleep (depending on the time)

    I've tried "forcing" ideas out. But it has never worked for me.
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    There's been plenty of times where my mind goes blank, and I can't think creatively. Here's what I normaly do:

    1) BrainMapping- I don't know if you've heard of this, but it's easily one of the best ways to brainstorm new ideas, put together a business plan, or keep track of any thoughts you might have. you can even get software to help you do it. I can't tell you how many times this has helped me.

    2) Jay Z - "Standing back from situations gives you the perfect view" I really like this quote because it's definitely true. Whenever your stuck, get away from what your working on and do something else. most of the time your best ideas will come when your not at your desk. I've been working on building a business for the last few months, and the idea came to me when I was frustrated and decided to take a walk in the middle of the night!

    3) Steal It - When all else fails, remember that "great artists steal". I think Apple practically lives by this quote! You shouldn't be ashamed to take someone's idea, and make it your own. Don't copy it, but make it better. There's always somebody smarter or more creative than you, but they didn't take the proper steps to make their creations great. Nothing wrong with picking up where they left off, and putting a spin on it.

    Those are the top three that I can think of right now. But then again, it's 3 A.M so I'm not feeling too creative right now .
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    The question should've been:

    What are some ideas to get ideas coming?

    For me it happens when I find a problem people are dealing with,
    Then think of a solution.
    Tv also helps believe or not.
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    Hello! Try making a checklist on what are the qualities of a product that people wants, then make a list of products the check for it's qualities and see what has the most checks. I do it all the time to make up my mind for a certain product. Best of luck!
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    I ended coming up with a few ideas. Usually for me ideas come when I am laying in bed trying to fall asleep thinking about everything. I usually have to get out of bed a few times each night to write ideas down so I don't forget them.

    But a few things came to mind. Now I have to put them together so its something presentable.

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