What is the best way to start out?

by hubfub
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    Disclaimer: I am a six-onaire.. (I've made $6.00 so far, not bad for 6 or so weeks, but I digress)

    Affiliate marketing is generating commission by directing traffic to a site you are an affiliate for. Example you do a review webpage on a widget on Amazon and have a link to click through to Amazon, if the person buys something on Amazon you get the commission. There are massive projects and products to select from.. Amazon, Clickbank, Shareasale, Commission Junction.

    You can set up a blog, a review site, an informational site..

    Building a list is collecting emails to contact later.

    How did I do guys??
    (Now wait for the big money pros to roll in)
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    you have your website set up concentrate on driving traffic without traffic you are nothing
    wether it be paid or free
    good luck
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    I like Adsense. I have made plenty of money with it.

    All of the methods taught here work, they just take time to develop.

    Whatever monetization method you pursue, definitely make regular, high quality, content generation a regular part of it and then build it up.
    Do Your Copywriting Skills Suck?

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    Affiliate Marketing means you promote other people's products as their affiliates and get money from the commission percentage.

    The simplest way to AM is you send traffic to other people's products in order to make sales for the products.

    List building is one of the method in Affiliate Marketing. You build your own subscribers, so you can freely to send email to other people. In the email you can promote your affiliate products.
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    Two things I would concentrate on first are learning how to drive traffic to your site, and building a list.

    For me, these are the two most important things.

    Without traffic you have nothing. And with a good list you can generate passive income on a regular basis.
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    I'd actually recommend starting out by offering your skills as a service. Set up a website for yourself and offer to do so for others to their specifications. It will allow you to see what other people are doing, figure out what works, and then apply the results to your own sites.

    Don't focus just on the service though, tinker with Adsense/Affiliate(the better option) sites in the meantime. Let them start building up a passive income while you learn and when things are to an acceptable level for you then you can drop the service aspect of your business and work just for yourself.
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    Just build your website and put your code.. start promoting your website, to other websites. you will get started!
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    As you are a website designer & developer... I suggest you to create any website templates as much as you can... then you can join a place like themeforest . net to sell your works.
    You can learn about affiliate over there too. Get involved with their community and then it will be your good start to know Internet Marketing.
    And while you do that with themeforest, you can sharpen your IM knowledge here in WF.
    It will make you run faster if you can go along both TF & WF... (considering you are a website designer/developer).
    That's it. Good luck, Bro.

    I'm learning to draw again ...
    I want to sell my drawing later on!
    Wish me luck, okay?!

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