What Internet Marketing Area Do You Need Help With?

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I want to start doing webinars related to internet marketing. However, I'm not sure which would be a good area to start.

Many people interested in webinars are looking for "hands on" training, so which of these areas do you think would be more in demand:

Adsense Websites
Affiliate Marketing
Email & Auto-Responder Development
Facebook Advertising
Graphics Creation
Keyword Research
Landing Page
Lead Generation
Linking Strategies
Offline Business
List Building
PPC Advertising
Traffic Generation
Video Creation
Website Design
Website Flipping

I'm planning to target clients outside of the Warrior Forum and similar sites since most of the fellow warriors have a good knowledge in many of these areas.

I welcome any feedback.

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    Make people go through a questionnaire. That way you will certainly know what people want to know about. This is a good tool for doing questionnaires: http://www.surveymonkey.com/
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    I think everyone, even the most successful warriors could always use an improvement in their writing, especially copywriting.

    I would be interested in that.
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    I think for today's trend is "How To Market Any Offline Business Online" without building a website or even has own domain. People just go crazy on how they can benefit so much from any social media like facebook, youtube, pinterest, twitter, linkedin and so on... and ALL FOR FREE.

    Hard time to keep promoting business? Don't worry!
    . . . . . Let me help cutting your ad production cost! . . . . .
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    I think the most profitable area and the easiest to sell is Make Money Online area...

    Based on what I do, I discovered that training about MMO with a title "Copy my exact system how I made $1,000 using simple tricks, Step-by-step!" is the easiest training to sell.
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      I appreciate your suggestions.

      Two of the topics I had on mind were SEO and Offline Business which are very close-related.

      I agree with Superowid. Most small business owners would like to promote their businesses online, but have no idea about how to do it.

      So I'll start with these 2 subjects.


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    I need a pushbutton system that I don't have to do any work at all which deposits large amounts of cash in my bank account in an hour or less. Oh wait, I'm in the wrong part of the forum :rolleyes:
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    It's driving free traffic for me, I always lose focus on what the best ways are and how to really achieve generating good consistent free traffic
    For more Internet Marketing Tips and to follow my IM journey go to my personal blog nickyperfect.com

    Let me help you achieve your dreams http://perfectcoachingsolutions.com
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    I know that many people would like to become more proficient at outsourcing, that way they can start replacing themselves in their business faster.
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    Traffic generation and list building have to be the big ones I think because all steps lead back to these.
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    Same choices here, traffic generation and list building. Building sites and writing articles seem straightforward, but once it's all done, the next nagging thought tends to be, "now what?"

    Same thing happens if you buy 'turnkey' sites or ready-made ones. At the end of the day, you need to drive traffic to your sites.
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    I am always interested in Copywriting training. Griser12 which of these areas are you an expert at? Remember a jack of all trades is a master at none...
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    I would be interested to know only about two main areas

    1. Product creation (ideas from scratch)
    2. Building buyers list

    I think i can outsource pretty much all of the other stuff.
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    I think people need to learn about Ezine advertising and article marketing. I cannot believe that people don't put enough emphasis on this subject.

    You're only as good as your last sentence...

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    I am brand new here but since you asked on a public forum I will say what I looked at immediately. Who are you? You have 12 posts on what is arguably one of the biggest and best IM sites out here and you expect us noobs to spend our money with you?

    Now that being said, that is simply what I would look at first is your post count because that no matter what is said it does have direct correlation in the real world if everyone is honest and expects honesty. Unless of course it is a newly created account, which then would make us noobs wonder why you would need to hide behind that if it is not a scam. If you have a massive amount of street cred here (enough to teach), use it. If not I think I could google some articles and sell it as a webinar just as easily, at least that was my first thought.

    Edited: Sorry I just re-read the OP and realized he said offering it outside the WF. I guess outside nobody cares who you are because you can make up all kinds of testimonials.
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    You need an SEO for your business traffic.
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    Traffic, back links and list building, along with easy to understand SEO.
    Mary K Gill Latest book: The Twelve Natural Laws of the Universe - achieve all your desires for less than the price of coffee and cake. P.S. It only fattens your mind, not your thighs.
    Mindset Power Site
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    Traffic is always a hot topic!
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    Well, I'm more interested in SEO and Traffic, that's the foundation.
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    Step-by-step build a list

    You can follow what I am doing to grow my business at http://mark-salmon.com I've been self-employed for 13 years as a business consultant and internet marketer.

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    I'd have to say a few of the most important topics people are constantly asking about are SEO, list building, and traffic generation.

    FREE WSO Ebook: Offline Marketing Vault ($17 Value): Download Here

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    Send a questionnaire to your list asking what they want, if you deliver for them you will grow quickly as they virally spread the word for you, similarly ask your followers on social media sites.

    It is essential you always keep engaging and asking what you list and followers want to keep up their interest until they buy and beyond.

    This also makes it easier to know what content you should put out on your blog and what products to develop, plus have an idea what affiliate products you could promote to.
    Want To Make Your First £10,000 Online?
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    for me traffic and copywriting
    Minisite Designs as low as $17
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    i need help in sorting out the truth on all the things that are discussed on this forum. i am after the truth and the golden grail. i know it is on this forum masked in a thread and a post.
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    Search Engine Optimization is the key for me
    since all of the IM start from this
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