How to cancel subscription payments?

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Have recently purchased a product from clickbank, and I did agree to pay $1 to trial the product for 14 days, and $99 later on annually (that promised it can be cancelled any time).

I have paid $1 for trialing the product, I'm not being a loser trying to steal the product, but for the purpose of trialing the product for 14days, I do have the option to cancel the future subscriptions right?

However for some reason, I can only find a payment history in Paypal that states I have paid $1 to clickbank, and no subscription payments anywhere in history......

Can anyone help me find it before I get charged? ... :'(

thank you
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    You should find that there's a recurring payment setup in your paypal account settings - cancel that and it will stop it.

    nothing to see here.

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    You can cancel at anytime. I don't think that you are stealing anything from anyone. You have every right to cancel. When you go into your paypal account you will see a section where you can cancel any recurring payment.

    You can actually view your HISTORY and from there you can see the payment.
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    Here's how to cancel subscription payment on Paypal...

    In your Paypal account:
    1. Click Profile Tab (located beside Resolution Center Tab)
    2. On the left box, click My Money
    3. Click Update link, located beside 'My pre-approved payments.'
    4. Click the name of the subscription you wish to cancel
    5. Click Cancel Subscription

    Hope it helps
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    I think if you cancel in PP it will deny future charges and that's the bottom line.

    But you said you bought from clickbank and so there's probably going to be a recurring payment setup in clickbank too that will keep trying to charge your PP. So you should look at your CB receipt and click the link in it and go to CB and cancel the subscription there too so it's cancelled at the source.
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