How You Create Video Presentations?

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Hi Warriors,

A quick question - How You Create Video Presentations for your website?

I am talking about videos where you can read text with voice over (reading text). I saw this kind of video on most of sales/squeeze pages and websites connected with IM.

What I am interested in? I want to see the list of steps what you do to create this kind of videos. I am NOT interested in links to software and even software names. Just process.

Thanks a lot!
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    1. Record the screen using Camtasia or other screen recording software
    2. Prepare text and pictures in other programs.
    3. Record voice over.
    4. Bring it together in editing program.
    5. Render it out in MP4 format for the web

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    If you want, you can hire someone for the voice overs if you're not comfortable with it.
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    Camtasia is best solution but also CamStudio for a free version, then just record and voice over as you go like Ewan said.
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    In different places different info. The most important question is: what are you preparing first - VOICE record OR TEXT script?
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    Well, that depends - I'd suggest writing the script first - you can edit it and make sure that it sounds just right before you record it.

    Also, if its just speech and text you want, Windows Movie maker is a free and available option for windows users

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    I would start planning the objective of the video, what you want to teach or show, then put together the presentation in powerpoint or something similar before writing your script unless you can wing it straight from the presentation.

    Once you have done all this set it all up on your computer and record it all as one as you go.
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      My workflow goes basically like this:

      1. Write my script (because the Message IS the Master! and it helps me decide what "visuals" to use).

      2. Record and edit my audio narration in Audacity (because I can focus on just that and I end up with perfect fumbling / stumbling).

      3. Create slides in PowerPoint 2010. I often use templates and assets from

      4. Insert my clean audio track into the slide deck (on slide 1, set to play until the end of the slides)

      5. Record the slide show using the Record Show feature. The audio file starts to play and I just click along while listening to it. (MUCH easier and cleaner than trying to talk and click)

      6. Use the Save & Send - Create Video feature for a full HD video...boom. Done.

      Here's a sample:

      And here's a tutorial of how I do that with more detail:

      Not for the lazy...but deadly effective and (IMHO) very professional looking.

      Hope that helps,
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    Record your vioce using one of many free softwares such as AVS.
    open windows movie maker (for pc)
    create your slides and upload your voice recording.
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