Help Save My Friend's Life? Donate a WSO to help!

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My friend needs a liver transplant. It will cost $250,000 plus miscellaneous medical bills. I asked the Warriors for ideas of how to raise the money and decided that this one was the best.

It was suggested that I ask Warriors to donate a WSO and then do a WSO with all of the packages together to make a killer offer. So,

Would you be willing to donate one of your WSO's to help save a life?

My friend has 3 children who need her to be here for them as they grow. She has a loving husband who has been working 14 hours a day every day of the week trying to raise the money for her operation. He can't keep up the pace and is not getting the money quick enough to save her.

How often do you get a chance to actually save a life by donating something you may have sitting on your computer and that you may not even be using any more?

Thank you for any help you can give us.

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    I will put the WSO together with the donations and then send everyone a link to the web page where you can see how we are doing with raising the money and find out what is happening with her.
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      Do you know anyone personally on the warrior forum it might be better to start there then to do it this way. YOu need to show someone proof of this really happening can you do that?
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    I'm seeing these help save a life threads more often on warrior forum these days.

    Most of them are scams.

    Not saying that yours is a scam as well, but naturally people will want to see proof.
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    Unfortunately, a few busters have used this same type of script on here lately...not saying you are one of them. But---I have to point out a few things that may really hurt your chances of getting this kind of help via WSO donations:

    1. As the previous responders have pointed out, you'll need to show proof
    2. You have no picture or information of where you're located (not required but helps build trust in a sense)

    You've posted WSOs before. Can you take a few days or so to create another one and put your all into it to? Make it the best one yet. Hire a graphic designer to enhance your sales page.

    Even if people donate WSOs, it is likely you may not earn near the amount you/your friend need. People may be hesitant to donate because they need their WSOs for their own livelihood.

    I believe the odds of you getting the help you need could've been much better by getting to know more people/networking.

    I sincerely hope you find a way to come up with this type of money and with other strategies beyond WSO donations. I suggest you follow the other advice given in your thread posted yesterday (local fundraisers, getting your friend's story to the media, etc.).

    Best wishes....
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    I actually have bought many before, but I don't really own a real type of WSO that I created. Sorry about that! I am sure a big time WSO marketer can help you out regarding this!
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    I tried sending messages to the people I know on the forum, but you can only post 1 message per 300 minutes. It would take forever to get to them all. I thought this might be a better way. I am in Washington state and this isn't a scam. There will be a website up soon with pictures and information about her. This was one of the things suggested in my other thread.
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    It was 300 seconds, not minutes. According to Paul in this thread though, it is now down to 2 minutes (120 seconds) in between PM's and 10 per hour. That's more than manageable.
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    Thanks, it still says 300 and I thought it was minutes. That is more manageable. Teach me not to read it really well. Thanks,
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