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Can buying a website be profitable i have read about how people making thousands of dollars a year just buying website and selling them. I have been looking on ebay and i found a site that looks pretty nice and says that you can make very good money off of the adsense and money you make from amazon.

Now these are my questions would i have to put all new affiliate links attached to all the things on the website so they go to my account that would be like hundreds of new things?

- Eric
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    Buying websites can certainly be highly profitable. The site you mentioned seems to be a turnkey site that is not making money. I would advise you to stay away, you should look at sites that are already making money instead. Indeed I think you should stay away from eBay altogether as there are lots of scams going on. I would recommend sitepoint and digitalpoing instead.


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      I think buying new sites are great for people who don't know how to build them or don't have the time. Though, I think you still need to know what your doing when it comes to keyword research, seo, marketing etc. because that is the only way you are going to know whether a site is good or not.

      Anyone can tell you their site is going to be an adsense winner or their site makes money on auto-pilot. It is up to you to figure out if the niche is good, the keywords the site is targeting are good and decide before you buy a site as to how you will promote it. Then you can figure out if the site has potential to make money.

      Basically, you buy a site because you don't want to build it yourself. But, you must know how to make money with marketing or your wasting your money. Anyone that tells you their site is no work and you will make money is telling you a tale.

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        Ah the clever ebay website schemes.

        I know that a lot of people go for them.

        1) Never buy a website that looks like a hundred other websites out there.

        2) It might make money...but it is a risk you will take.

        3) Usually they make money off you by selling you something easy. That is how they generate profit- usually it's cut and paste websites in my opinion. They sell the same one a few times over.

        The only time it is worth to buy a website, is if the content is unique, you can see a demo of it in action, and the site design is unique. I would not buy a site that looks like the few others they have already sold.

        Do research into the niche websites they sell as well. Make sure its worth your while.
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