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by Gavino
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When promoting an affiliate program without being a site owner is it better to have your own domain name for that program? How does that work?
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    It's not a requirement, but I think you do need a website or blog related to the product (or at least related to the niche).

    Of course, you can promote affiliate products by sending traffic straight to your affiliate link, but this is typically an ineffective way of marketing affiliate products, and will typically lead to lower conversion rates.

    In a perfect world, you would have an opt-in form on your website or blog, and have people subscribe to an email list where you can market to them again & again.

    This way, you are essentially retaining a % of your traffic, as opposed to needing all new people each and every day visiting your website in order to make sales.
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    Get Traffic to your website/Squeeze Page with Opt-In box for people to sign in. If they don't engage your product and service today, they may buy from you tomorrow or later.
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    I suggest what the others said above. Build an opt-in page and grab their information, so you can A) add value to the sales process (what affiliates should be doing) and B) so that you can market to them multiple times over and build a long-term business.

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    It is more professional if you register your own domain name and then let that website go directly to your affiliate link.

    Plus, I think that it is a bad "business" decision to do that with regular affiliate programs because your income will never grow to the point where you are able to quit your job and have total financial freedom.

    Too many people are just focused on "how can I make money with affiliate programs" rather then focus on programs that pay you a monthly fee and on the efforts of other like minded people who want the same thing as you.

    With regular affiliate programs, the only person that wins is the vendor or product owner. When you have 100's of affiliates all promoting for them at the same time, they will always win and make the BIG money online.

    I know that most people who are reading this post of mine might HATE the idea of network marketing on the internet but this is the only strategy that you should be using online. When you have others building their own business and putting more "affiliates" under them, your income grows too just like the product owner who will become the ONLY person that wins big.

    People are just not getting this.
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    If you mean having the domain name registered which masks your affiliate link - if this is what you mean, then basically if you have no intentions of using a domain site to promote offers on the site itself, then you could take your tracking link for that particular affiliate offer, and then have your domain point to that tracking link while masking the affiliate link at the same time.
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