Starter niche for list building.

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Hi all,

Here's my plan:

I am going to be seding second pier ppc traffic to a simple sqeeze page (utilising a premium theme I have access to) promoting a specific clickbank product.

I will use a single opt-in and the visitor will be directed to my affiliate link.

As this is my first list, I am not looking for massive revenue or anyyhing, I just want to get some experience.

Is there any particular niche that you guys would recommend that would be suitable for a beginner (if that makes sense).
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    I would use something that you are interested in and you know is a popular niche. If you are interested in it then it makes your first list more fun and more chance of you getting it set up.
    Good luck
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    Remember this. Your relationship with this list your building is the most important thing to remember. I had a good laugh after i read a report yesterday from a very well respected marketer on here that has a list of 365,000 and earns a six figure a year salary. Earning a 6 figure salary is cool, but from a list of 365,000 is an absolute joke. You could build a responsive list of 10,000 subscribers and earn a 6 figure income very easily.

    My point...

    You are looking to jump into anything that's profitable. Well, every niche is potentially profitable but your relationship with your prospects will ultimately determine how profitable.

    So, how can you send quality information to people and help them achieve their goals if you have no idea how to help them do that. Obviously the answer to this question is to build a list in a market you have knowledge on.

    Either that, or build a substantial list that returns very little. Your USP is very important. People know when they are being sold down the river after a couple of emails. Be a marketer, not an opportunity seeker.
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    Definitely go with what you know Makes life a hell of a lot easier..Its better to know what your talking about than to have to scramble n copy n paste

    Nate Maurice - Coach, Internet Instructor :)

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    Since you mentioned PPC traffic, I'd stay away from the bigger niches - weight loss, make money online, dating & forex. Well, unless you have a substantial budget.

    That said, I'd definitely go with something I have an interest/experience with in real life - it'll not only make my emails to my list more 'authentic' and it'll be easy for you, as a beginner, to establish yourself as an authority in the niche, building your relationship with your list for further upsells.

    Good luck!
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      I agree to Jaryl. PPC for most profitable niches is highly expensive. It is advisable to use long-tail keywords for PPC. Whatever niche you chose, be highly specific.

      For example, if you get a list of people from general IM and promote them products related to creating websites, the response will be very low. However, if you build a list of people interested in creating websites and promote products related to the same, you can build a list that is highly reponsive.
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    Thanks for all your replies.

    Being that the general consensus is that I should go with something I enjoy, I will be jumping into the niche of a particular sport I enjoy.

    I have had a look around on Clickbank and have found a great product with great affiliate resources.

    Before I started this thread i was thinking "Oh the niche doesn't matter" etc. However, now that I have started thinking about this niche I am actually interested in, it's really starting to excite me and I have a very good understanding of what my demographic are.

    Driving traffic won't be a problem for me, but as a novice, I will need to learn the art of correctly interacting with my subscribers.

    Thanks for your replies everyone!
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    I am going to be seding second pier ppc traffic to a simple sqeeze page
    Another tips...
    For list building, it's better to use Solo Ads rather than second tier PPC traffic. Although it's more expensive, but the traffic will be more targeted, and you could get more opt-in.

    Solo Ads are the best Paid Traffic to build list.
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    ppc is ok but there are a lot of hoops that you have to jump through

    as elexmedia says above, solo ads are a good choice because ther simple, profitable and easy and fast to set up

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    PPC is good traffic source , but you have to know how to use it the right way .
    CPA Game Changer - Coming Very Soon !

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    I do agree that in the PPC game you need to go long-tail, however in the best profitable niches would be expensive to get started. In second tier PPC engines you need to do a ton of testing because the quality of traffic is lower. You can lose all your daily budget on the fly and have no subscribers to show for it, I've done it myself. In paid traffic you need to use the tracking pixel to see if you are getting conversions. I also agree that starting out on a niche it's better to do solo ads, it's more expensive traffic but more targeted. Nevertheless you need to test to find the best way to acquire subscribers.
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