How to monetize Facebook fan page

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How to make money with Facebook fan page?I know that if i have a website i can make money by directing fans to my site.ButI don't have a website.then how can i make money with Facebook fan page?Can i add affiliate link in fan page?
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    make a youtube account
    add some interesting videos
    then monetize it with adsense
    and share it regularly on your facebook fanpage
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    How many facebook fans do you have on your pages? i can help you in setting up everything with a complete idea and content.
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    Hi think more,

    It is a good idea noting the upward trends seen in Facebook numbers.

    Yes you can put affiliate links in as posts:

    1. Get some affiliate links from Clickbank (or your chosen place)
    2. Upload them into with a message.
    3. Post them between good content posts (ratio 1 to 5) over a month say.
    4. Offer a free gift in Fan Page to collect names to build your list.

    Hope thats helps?


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    Another option...
    Sell Facebook Service through Fiverr.

    You could sell your status updates/ posts. You could lead your fans to like your client's fan page. Just look at Fiverr and learn what kind of service you can provide.
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    I would post relevant CPA products (possibly submits, merchandise, etc.) to the wall. It's a fan page, so most likely you'll get a high response rate and revenue from the page.

    You should follow me on twitter, here.

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    Possibly lead gen forms? If your page is applicable and facebook has an app for it
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    You can create a free site at instead of having to pay for a domain name and hosting for your own website and you can even add google adsense to your blog to monetize it together with whatever content and affiliate links you might have!
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    There are many ways to monetize your FB fan page. It's depend on your niche.

    You can offer CPA or promote your affiliate link to them.

    Keep build your Fans
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