How do I monetize aged and PR domains?

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Hi warriors!

How are you guys?

I need some suggestions, I have some high PR and aged domains with no content. just bought some domains.

Do you have any ideas how to monetize these domains?
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    What I would do is making an article about one of my other sites, link back to that site with an anchor text, and that way you can make your other website rank much more easily.
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    You can sell links from those aged domain. Add some content and post a backlink gig on fiverr.
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    You can sell links,

    you can turn it into a authority niche site,

    E commerce site.

    The possibilities are endless.
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    Once you get some unique content on it, you can sign up with Sponsored Reviews. I have one PR 3 site on there and I get $25 per 200 word review post that I write. Advertisers contact me through the site. : )
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    Post unique content to your site. Keep your site quality. And then you can sell links on your site.

    Depend on my experience, aged domain will be ranked better than new one.
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    if you have pr then you can make money fast with it but i suggest you to develop the blog more then you can even more money by advertising
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    1- Flip the PR domain for a higher price

    2- Build a wordpress blog and than flip it

    3- Build a blog and sell links and sponsored reviews etc..
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    Personally I would use it as my own private blog, Welcome to Mannus Blog this is one of my newer ones, what I tend to do is write decent content that ezine will approve, get it indexed on my blog and then submit it to ezine and 2.0 sites, back link the hell out of the ezine and 2.0 sites. Once it gets the blog to a pr 2 or higher I will then change the articles on my blog to include any anchor text I want. Now two benefits from doing this, your money site only has pr 2 or higher links coming into it, if you decide to change your money site or anchor work you can quite easily.

    Want to learn more, read read and read more.

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    I would def create some awesome copy. This will increase your traffic and well as links to your front page. Also, you can sell the domain names for more. People want more than a bare domain name. They want to buy an established web site that has an audience of eager viewers.
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    As many here have said, there' re lots of ways you can use them,
    but I would go with using them to create your own "truly private"
    PR blog network, for ranking YOUR money sites.

    I would be wary about selling backlinks on them to others as that
    exposes them to likely deindexing by Google if they find out.

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    So they EARN while they LEARN

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    Finding good host and then make some value website. When your website have some traffic or authority, monetize them by banner ads.

    SafePBN - PBN on different shared hosting company
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    MultipleCloud - Multiple location hosting provider
    █ 200+ worldwide location | different server | different ip owner | best for pbn

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    thanks for the tips! really appreciate it.

    right now i've got a 3 year old domain with a pagerank of 3.

    and another one 11 year old domain with a pr of 4

    Want a Mobile app for your website? Contact me! Price starts at a low $30

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