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I read the other day about how some personal trainers often blame obesity on a lack of self-discipline. Actually it's not just personal trainers... I've been guilty of this too.

That you should just make a decision and "eat perfectly clean" using nothing more than iron like self-discipline.

The someone else commented on the fact that eating better is more about building momentum than it is about attitude. How you need to get the ball rolling over a few bumps before you tackle the mountain.

Based on recent experience I believe it's the same for marketing.

It's about momentum and the tricky part for many folk is making sure they keep rolling forward. The easiest example is breaking the inertia with your first sale, then getting a consistent sale per week and then a sale everyday... and so on.

Same for your first web visitor or subscriber.

Then you have to maintain that momentum and not getting distracted. Because a change in direction is like trying to turn a rolling boulder around... you're simply making life hard for yourself.

Anyway... momentum is important. Probably why a few marketers choose to use it in their business names (? Lee McIntyre).
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    I agree with your thinking. Focusing on one goal with an obsession until you get there is the fastest point to any destination.
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    I agree, Momentum is key, When I first started making money online I got complacent after the first couple of sales. I plummeted then and lost what I had, since then I've come back and realized that i need to keep on steaming forward.
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    Momentum is a great concept to understand; in particular for those that feel they lack motivation.

    Motivation is a reward, it is the inspiration you gain from accomplishment. It is not something anyone should expect to have before they have started something new (weight loss, internet marketing.)

    Momentum is what you always have. It is what keeps you doing the same things you've been doing. To change your momentum is the part that takes doing.

    It takes a plan; a clearly defined one, one that you are excited about. Put the plan into action, and continue to execute. This is how your momentum builds, this is how you achieve motivation: the inspiration to do what it is you really want.

    That is a reward greater than money and influence; to love what you do.

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