What has been your single biggest problem trying to make money online?

by Stripe
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I have spoken to a lot of people on the forum here and elsewhere about their challenges when they were first trying to make money online. I would love to get a thread going where people can post information on some of the main things they feel held them back in the beginning, or are holding them back now.

I will start off with my own experience - don't laugh!


When first starting to try and make money online, the biggest thing I struggled with was not really knowing where to start. Every body seemed to have a different method of doing what I wanted to do, and that was earn some extra cash.

One source told me to write hundreds of articles and do Adsense. Another source claimed you just needed .edu links to rank your site and you could sell anything. I heard of blogging my way to millions and that sounded pretty good, until I saw the blog a friend of my wife put up and I was pretty sure she was not making millions.

I heard you needed to write eBooks. Cool, so I called my local library and they said they didn't have any. "What kind of a library are you people running!?!" I shouted, and hung up the phone. In retrospect, not my proudest moment to be sure.

Then what was the thing everyone kept calling a neesh? It sounded like some kind of pastry I might find in a bakery where I could not speak the language. Every time I heard the word neesh, I started to get hungry.

Finally, I figured out what a neesh or niche was - well kinda. When I first started, I did not know there were so many kinds of niches, general niches with smaller niches and sub-niches, micro-niches, keyword niches based on long-tail, short-tail, and no-tail keywords. Keywords sounded like passwords and I could just picture Gandalf trying to remember the password to open the door to Mines of Moria. I'll bet Gandalf could figure out how to make money online.

I read that I had to get a Free Google Keyword Tool, pay for a WordTracker, and borrow Travis' Traffic. Who is Travis again? Then, Imagine my surprise when I learned that I needed a Market Samurai! I only know a couple of Japanese words so how was I going to hire one? (I wondered if they ate Neeshes) And I really didn't think I would need THAT much protection. Besides, wouldn't I draw much more attention to myself with a Samurai following me around?

Then I was told that after my Samurai gave me some keywords, in English I hoped, I should write them all on some sheets - spread out. I knew I could "Excel" at writing on sheets if my wife would let me use her fabric markers because I have excellent handwriting. "I think I am figuring out how this works now!", I thought.

When I started, I knew a little about a bench press was but what was a WordPress - and how many times did I need to "press" it to get good results? I was getting very tired with the thought of that much exercise. Perhaps Travis would do a few reps for me.

What was PPC and why were people going brook, and making a bazillion dollars in five days with it? I figured it must be something on the commodities market like "Premium Pork Chunks." (I think you can find those in the canned meat section next to the Potted Meat Product.) Yes, investing in commodities can be risky!

After PPC, I had to learn a whole new language.
UAW - Clearly these are UnAuthorized Wrestlers.
SEO - A guy who helps run a company but he's several letters away from being the boss - definitely middle management.
PLRs - I have some of these in my toolbox.
CPA - Certified Public Account (That was easy because my brother is one)
CRO - A large black bird.
CTR - My daughter told me this means "Choose The Redhead!"
DNS - Another plural name for a home offices.
EMD - Someone that works in an ambulance but they are not a doctor yet.
FTP - The company that delivers flowers.
GUI - This is what you get when you step on a worm.
HTML - I can't even spell HTML!
H1 - That is the original Hummer.
PR - Public Relations of course.
SERPs - OK, what the heck are SERPs?
URL - That is my uncle's name.
WYSIWYG - George Washington wore one of these, but they are no longer in style.

Well, I hope you get the idea. I heard so many bits of information on so many topics that I had no idea where to start. Wasn't there just a simple path to success?

Then I realized that I had been suffering for months with an illness very common to Internet Marketers. Yeah, you've heard of it - Paralysis of Analysis! You might even have it too! I had so much information swimming around in my head it was like dumping all 5,000 pieces of puzzle in a pile and trying to figure out what the picture was.

I finally began sifting through the pieces and taking things one at a time. The key thing for me was actually taking action and DOING something rather then thinking I had to know everything about everything.

I still get a little hungry when I hear the word neesh, but I know now that only Internet Marketers on the other side of the pond eat them. I even said neesh when talking to my wife the other day and she said, "Real men don't eat that"!?!

My biggest problem trying to make money on the Internet was me.

What has your biggest challenge been, or what is your biggest challenge or problem now? After all, that is one of the main reasons we are here, isn't it? To learn from other and then help others learn.

Wonderful place, this Warrior Forum!

Thanks in advance for all those that choose to share here.
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    My biggest problem is reconciling the things I want to do with the things that make money and additionally with the things I think are acceptable business practices.
    "The Golden Town is the Golden Town no longer. They have sold their pillars for brass and their temples for money, they have made coins out of their golden doors. It is become a dark town full of trouble, there is no ease in its streets, beauty has left it and the old songs are gone." - Lord Dunsany, The Messengers
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    Getting leads. That's the most hardest thing for me, period. I don't know how you marketers do it but man just so complicated. So hard to get that customer to buy your stuff. So much WORK!
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      Originally Posted by Jordi View Post

      Getting leads. That's the most hardest thing for me, period. I don't know how you marketers do it but man just so complicated. So hard to get that customer to buy your stuff. So much WORK!

      It really depends on what you are trying to sell and to what target audience.

      Silly Example: If you try and sell bowling balls to a gardening club, well you'll have your work cut out. Try selling those bowling balls to a bowling league or a chain of bowling alleys and your more likely to move product.

      The rule is to sell people what they want to buy and do not try to convince someone to buy what you are selling.

      Good luck, my friend, and stick to it!
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    Originally Posted by Stripe View Post

    What has your biggest challenge been, or what is your biggest challenge or problem now? After all, that is one of the main reasons we are here, isn't it? To learn from other and then help others learn.
    For me it was finding something I was passionate about, but was also profitable.

    Once I opened my eyes and 'got it', I quickly found more niches that I felt passionate about.

    I discovered that promoting my hobby site was more fun than the (unprofitable) hobby itself, but it took me a few years to realize that.

    So that's been my biggest challenge, finding the right balance between passion and profit.
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    i think the biggest problem for most is:

    1) taking action
    2) focussing on what you have started on

    only select a method that you intend to stick to.
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  • Profile picture of the author Stripe
    How about others out there?
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    • Profile picture of the author Noonaa
      For me it was being focused and consistent and realising the shiny new objects would not solve my problems overnight and I needed to stick to 1 thing until I had mastered that.
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    My biggest problem is staying with something. I change it when I think of something I believe to be better, which isn't good in the end.
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      Originally Posted by ttdub View Post

      My biggest problem is staying with something. I change it when I think of something I believe to be better, which isn't good in the end.
      Same with me!!

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    This is a great post. I find most people starting out have trouble determining which area they want to focus in. When I started out I did a bunch of niche sites that was set up for AdSense. While it did make me money (and still does today) it wasn’t nearly enough…. That’s when I get into list building & it changed my life almost overnight!

    Bottom line – find something that works for you & stick with it!
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  • Profile picture of the author ReplenishSEO
    My biggest challenge that I've overcome is actually picking something and sticking to it. OnceI was able to do that the money started coming in a lot faster than it did when I wanted to do every single method I read.
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  • Profile picture of the author Larkrise
    First of all I love sense of humour and the way you think! And you are soo bang on the money!

    I've just posted a thread about how people manage procrastination cos I've done some research for a wso lately and found its the number one biggest problem that prevents marketers from their success. That and the SOS (shiny object syndrome - or as it really means Save Our Souls from the flood of stuff/advice/different business models/emails/promotions/better techniques...)

    I've finally returned to where I began. Done a proper nested looop. Came into IM with a purpose, got distracted, forgot the purpose, caught SOS and ended up with a fear of trolls/URLS (you poor unc) & Sodding Emphasis On Penguins

    Now, fully and completely back on track - and am aware that 'everything' happens for a reason - my journey may have seemed to be going in the 'wrong' direction but in fact I've learned a shed load about IM and this combined with my Business Coaching experience is where I'm going now

    In essence I've cured myself of what appeared 'wrong' by remembering what I love and like and getting back to my passion!
    Claim Your Complimentary Web 2.0 & Social Media Guide
    (Post Panda/Penguin) continued updates with recommended link building strategies
    NLP, Coaching, Blogging, Promoting, Psychobabbly Potions & Spells, SEO and the usual IM fluff
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    • Profile picture of the author Stripe

      I wrote that post very, VERY late at night and I had to read it again this morning to see if there really was any humor in it, or if I was just suffering from sleep deprivation. It could be a little of both!

      Anyway, thanks for the post a the confirmation to my tired ego that it was maybe not 100% sleep deprivation!

      BTW (<-I would like to have one of those German cars one day!) - I'd love to read your post on this subject. Post a link here or PM me with a link.
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  • Profile picture of the author Danielsk7
    My biggest problem was procrastinating and looking for that quick and easy solution that didn't take much effort. Boy am I glad that I gave myself a swift kick in the ass. I didn't I would still be in that position.

    Are you making these three mistakes in your business? Send an email to 1-freereport@aweber.com to get your free report now!

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    The single hardest thing for me was balancing time,

    At the time I was starting I was working a full-time job with lots of overtime. So finding time to work on my own business as well as having time for my family was very tough to do.
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    • Profile picture of the author madelyndon
      Originally Posted by InternetGeneral View Post

      The single hardest thing for me was balancing time,

      At the time I was starting I was working a full-time job with lots of overtime. So finding time to work on my own business as well as having time for my family was very tough to do.

      That is the hardest thing I am actually going through right now. I work a full-time job and I already have to hear my 3 year old son say, "Mom, why do you go to work all the time? I want you home." So sad to hear. I pretty much work all day and then come home put the kids to bed and stay up till about 3am working on the online business. My fear is that I'm doing all of this and nothing will come out of it. I try not to think like that and just keep moving forward...
      "The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it."

      A man asked Buddha "I want happiness" Buddha said " First remove "I" that's ego, then remove "want" that's desire. See now you are left with only happiness "
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      • Profile picture of the author RyanLester
        Sticking with one thing until I am sure that it works or not.
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  • Profile picture of the author Condiel
    The biggest challenge to me now, is building relationship in social network sites. It just requires some time and attention. To add to my discouragement is the result is not that quick. However, I learned that the slow output in promoting my site in social network sites is just normal. I just maintained being consistent and so far there have been a few "likes" and "shares". It is still the best place to build authority. I am looking forward to see the further progress.
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  • Actually putting in the hours needed to get the job done.

    I'm great at generating leads and making sales, I could get new clients every day if I wanted to.

    My problem is actually putting in the work to get those leads every day.

    I'm getting better at this though.
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  • Profile picture of the author Stripe
    Great comments here. I hope this thread will help some folks figure out what they need to do to get this moving.

    Thanks to all who have posted so far.
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  • Profile picture of the author code jin
    In my case is SEO
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  • Profile picture of the author nasuryono
    For me it was the shiny object syndrome. Oh look found another one here!

    Focus is your best friend. F.O.C.U.S: Follow One Course Until Successful.

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    • Profile picture of the author Stripe
      Originally Posted by nasuryono View Post

      F.O.C.U.S: Follow One Course Until Successful.

      I really like this. I have not heard it before. Thanks for sharing it!
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  • Profile picture of the author masterz
    like seriously, a course/ebook/guide etc on "focus for internet marketers" should be created.

    this remains the hardest part for me; trying to f.o.c.u.s.
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  • Profile picture of the author webbizgold
    Right on, focus and handling information overload is the toughest thing I tend to face right up till now. As an example, I was very much focused on PPC in the earlier years, but it's much more difficult today with inflated click costs and tougher rules for affiliates particularly on Google.

    So I am learning SEO too. But along the way, comes some interesting topics on site flipping, Kindle publishing, domaining, making the next Angry Birds app, and so on. In the process of learning Internet marketing and staying on top of all the latest news and happenings out there, it is way too easy to lose focus and drown in all that information overload. Sure, you can learn a lot from being on the lists of 20 Internet marketers, but wouldn't that also mean you get swamped with one hot promotion after another constantly?

    So while it's good to stay abreast and up to speed, staying focused on what you're currently doing is certainly the toughest part I would say, and yet it's so crucial to your online success.

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  • Profile picture of the author drr
    Nice post

    I've been online for a decade now and imho here are the obstacles:

    1. Rapid change in technology. Stuff changes within the space of months, so you constantly have to invest in and train up in new technologies. Remember Butterfly Marketing anyone? State of the art when it came out, and possibly merited the 1k+ fees but does anyone use that script now? When WP can do so much more and for free?

    2. Slap Happy Titans. Google (with penguins and pandas and whatever other mammals they use to punish site owners). Ebay. Google (again with adwords) - One minute you're flying high , having spent a fortune in software and time complying with what they want. The next, they slap you BECAUSE of it.

    3. Proliferation Of Traffic - Again, because I'm nearing 40 and I've been around the block I recall when it was quite easy and cheap to get traffic. Now, your clients tend to be dispersed over a number of different authority sites , so you tend to have to spend more time trying to get into each one.

    4. Expense Of Traffic - Ah who else remembers nicking traffic from adwords for a penny? You could build a list for ten bucks, fill your boots and do it again. And again. And again. Traffic now is not only more expensive , but if you opt for unknown sources you have a lot of fraud to cope with. Ten bucks for 100 hits? Give the money to charity , at least it will do someone some good then

    5. Scarred , Bitter Clients Who EXPECT To Be Ripped Off. What never ceases to amaze me is how paranoid a lot of the newer clients on my lists are. I've had newsletter subscribers who have told me horror stories about being ripped off - paying 1k+ for garbage scripts , or simple sites and so on. It's because in certain niches, there have been some incredibly, shockingly and disturbingly bad operators, and it's kind of made things harder for everyone who's here trying to just make an honest living.

    Sounds like I'm having a proper moan...fact is I would not change being in business for myself for the world!
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  • Profile picture of the author manikaf
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  • Profile picture of the author olar21
    My biggest problem so far has been shiny object syndrome and easily getting distracted.

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  • Profile picture of the author Stripe
    These are some really great comments. This post is for those who are struggling so they can see they aren't the only ones going through challenges. We all face obstacles in the pursuit of our goals and dreams.

    I like drr's post a few above this one explaining how things have changed over time but he would not change the fact that he has been in business for himself. The nice thing about the Warrior Forum is your don't have to be in business by yourself.

    Keep posting if you would like to add something to this.
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  • Profile picture of the author XYZcontent
    My two main problems are patience and focus, which are pretty much correlated.
    (We Offer Content In Multiple Languages)

    Visit us at XYZcontent.com
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  • Profile picture of the author Benjamin Tork
    Focusing on one task. There's so much to do/try and so little time. I tried to do too many thing's with too little resources. In the end almost nothing worked out. When I started to focus on one thing only I began to make money.
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  • Profile picture of the author rob9482
    My single biggest problem when I first started out trying to make money online was that I jumped from system to system trying to find one that was going to make me rich overnight rather than focusing on one that was going to be successful long-term once I started to focus on one strategy I started to become successful online.
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  • Profile picture of the author Chris-
    my biggest problem was the huge gap between IM methods as written, and the reality of the what actually works (or rather, doesn't work) in the real world. In my opinion, this is the biggest problem for many newbies.

    MAX PROFITS, for anyone who can send visitors interested in make money online, get access to one of the highest-converting offers ever made . . . $799.65 sales per webinar attendee from one mailing-list. PM me NOW for more info !
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  • Profile picture of the author Andrew Lewis
    My biggest problem is working in many projects at a same time.

    Lets work together! :)

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  • Profile picture of the author thecrazycub
    I think the problem with me is the patience.. I create something and go overboard and and overdo everything... which screws things up

    Movie buff

    Watch the Ironman 3 and Tony stark movie trailer.
    News and updates on the God of War 4: Ascension.

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  • Profile picture of the author Topwriters
    Since I offer article writing service, my biggest problem is to find more writers who can work efficiently. It's hard to find good writers who will ask for flexible and cheap rates. Good thing I am able to find a few to keep the ball rolling.
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  • Profile picture of the author TeamBringIt
    shiny object syndrome - chasing the next big thing/buying products / Focus
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  • Profile picture of the author 1999nStillAtIt
    Stripe, That was an Awsome read, funny guy you!!

    Hmmmm, where shall I begin for "single biggest problem trying to make money online?" What you said!! It's a minefield out there, and the fact that most of the world doesn't want our shat!! Most of the world is quite happy being stuck in their little comfort zones, blissfully thinking that we're all fools running around with our "pyramid schemes"... so we end up marketing to other IM'ers who already have 10 versions of whatever it is we're selling. SOS, yeah no kidding.

    I have yet to figure it out, but I think I've probably been drinking the IM kool-aid a bit too long... Internet Marketers don't know a whole lot about Marketing... to the "real world" I mean. We're taught that everyone wants and needs what we have and that if you just keep "making one more phone call, post one more post on FB, yada, yada, yada... they will come." Uhhh no they won't. Because it's the wrong target market. We're taught to use birdshot instead of real bullets. But what do you shoot the real bullets out of, that isn't going to cost ya an arm and a leg.. and what if you're broke from it all? Hello Wally World. People run out of money real fast trying to LEARN how to do this IM thingy.

    After 10 years of being in the 97%, I have narrowed it down to One business thing and One hobby thing... And they are going to co-operate, damn it!! I've thrown out most of the IM ebooks that are so crammed full of all the good advice that's kept me in the 97%. If they were real books I'd have a bonfire and roast weenies... and believe me there's a few weenies I'd love to roast.

    Choosing a Venture and sticking with that ONE things won't do you a lick of good if you don't know how to market to people who actually want your stuff. Finding the people who actually want your stuff... ahhh yes.. now there's the rub. "For ONLY $1997.. no wait $497... ah, no... let me make it better.. $197.. or how about JUST $97 and I'll give you the "secret" to having people FLOOD into your business."

    Oh, Please, Spare, Me. I don't trust any of that crap anymore and neither does all those peeps out there who don't want your kool-aid. Yes, there is money to be made, But I want to earn it ethically. I want to feel good about the products/services I sell. I want to give value for the dollar. I'm kinda thinking other people would like that too.

    Target Market + Gun = $$ <<-- I'm trade marking that Guys/Gals LOL
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  • Profile picture of the author kimboslice
    Early on my issue was FOCUS. There are many way to earn, you just have to figure out your path and do it. It's too easy to try too many things in a haphazard manner, rather than doing 1 thing very good.
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  • My biggest problem to begin with was focus! I found it super difficult to stay focussed and got distracted by the next shiny new WSO.

    Once I got focussed and built on a business model I achieved success. I think staying focussed and avoiding getting overwhelmed are the keys to success.
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  • Profile picture of the author Randall Magwood
    When i was first starting off... finding the money to advertise. After i found the money... the next problem was building the list and monetizing it. But eventually... i built my list up real big that i was getting sales everyday.
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  • Profile picture of the author WFs
    Nice post, Stripe. I laughed a few times.
    Logitech Wireless
    "What have you learned today?"
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  • Profile picture of the author eugenedm
    My biggest problems when I was starting out was I don't have a well-defined plan and I don't know how to reach my target market but eventually I learned a lot of things through research and persistence. Two things that people can't do without when it comes to IM.

    WARNING: A 50 Million Dollar Man Taught Me His Secret... Which Resulted 6,000 Sign-ups on My Email List.

    "It's easier than you think..."

    => Watch this video here...
    Build Your List to 6,000 Subscribers

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  • Profile picture of the author shane_k
    my biggest roadblock was believing that I had to do everything!

    My greatest aha moment was reading the statement, "outsource your weaknesses."

    I don't remember where I read that, but realizing that I didn't have to be the expert was such a relief and time saver.

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  • Profile picture of the author Madrona
    My biggest problem was "focus".......I have realized it and started focusing on it..
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