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Hey guys,
First off Id like to say that this is my first post so please bare with me. I just did a google search for my domain name and within 10 pages of results there are about 6 pages full on pandastats.net websites. They all have different subdomains (ex. rena.edu.ve.pandastats.net , darkiller.com.pandastats.net, bumeran.cl.pandastats.net/) and my domain shows up in the info of all the searches. I have no idea how this happened but Im assuming it cant be good for google page rank. Does anyone have any idea why this is happeneing? Any and all help would be appreciated.:confused::confused::confused:
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    Pandastats is like any other website analysis tool. When your site is analyzed, it gets a page created and you often you get a backlink. Probably no value but they show up in your backlink profile.

    Same with Alexa.com and other sites that have a stat page for a domain.

    Sometimes these sites crawl and auto-create their pages, but if someone enters a url that doesn't have a stats page, the tools often crawl and add the site at that time.

    You can submit a new site to a lot of these services and get a bunch of quick indexing backlinks.

    The reason more than 6 pages of URLs can appear in the SERPS (or pages and pages according to the OP) is that they are all subdomains like rena.edu.ve.pandastats.net , darkiller.com.pandastats.net, and bumeran.cl.pandastats.net as the OP noted.

    Google views a sub-domain as a unique site so it doesn't see these pages as the same site showing up in the SERPs.

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    I hope this will make things a little clearer for you all. I get about 5-6 pages of these results when I search for my domain name. No idea why this happens. It doesnt seem normal. Any suggestions please??
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    Well, without knowing your domain there really isn't a lot we could say without wild speculation.

    It seems not many sites are targeting your domain name. Do you search for your domain like 'domainname.com', or do you mean you search for the keywords in your domain like 'domain keywords'?

    It alse looks like pandastats may be using auto-created sub-domains instead of pages in order to be able to rank more urls in Google.

    But why Google would favour all those pandastat sub-domains when you enter your search really depends on what you are actually entering in Google Search.

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    Hey sorry about the last post. For some reason not all of what I typed was posted. I searched for www . cnatrainingcareerguide . com and all the links that show up on the first 2 pages are links that I have built and then on the 3rd page I start seeing .panda.net websites. I literally have about 12-15 pages of pandastats.net related pages. All with different random sub domains such as stated above. Any idea what is cauing this and if this is normal?
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    When you look at the pandastats SERPs listings, your domain appears in the description. But when you go to the actual page you can't find it on page or in the source code.

    The page description in the SERPs could be set by another source other than the page.

    So they may just have page descriptions as lists of domains to get rankings. When you search for your domain exactly, you find all their spammy pages that use it in the description.

    This is not uncommon with many Chinese and Russian sites like this. I think they just scrape URLs at random and are not targeting the sites in any way.

    And yes, finding this kind of stuff when you search for your domain name is normal.

    Sites like this just scrape domain names and create data/info pages, then keyword stuff domain names. They usually only show up when you search for an actual domain like you did. You wouldn't see results like this for 'normal' keyword searches.


    You are getting all 'pandastats' urls because your domain is very new and happened to be one they used when they auto generated the keyword stuffed 'description' field. If I search for one of my domains or if you tried another you would see a whole bunch of the 'same' domain links but it would likely be other than pandastats.

    Also, this happens mostly with new sites that have few backlinks or a small presence on the web. Newer sites are scraped right away, appear like this because they have no other presence other than registry data and start showing up spammed like this before any other links are built.

    This changes as the domain ages. It will pick up more auto-indexes so you will see more than 'pandastats. As a site gets more decent backlinks, then these type of auto-spammy results get buried way down in the SERPS. Still there if you dig though.

    Most will be things like whois and domain info sites or traffic stat sites. And if you look, you'll see the domain is just one of a list in the description.

    Edit 2:

    This really isn't anything you need to worry about. A lot of weird sites scrape publicly available data like registry lists and whois info to build these huge auto-stat sites. As it ages, you will find your site with its own page in many places and used for keyword stuffing as well.

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    This may help. I searched what "pandatstats.net" is on Google.

    Here's a quoted definition of what pandastats.net is all about. I got it from the domain itself.

    "PandaStats is a fantastic free tool to analyze any website performance. We assemble the maximum information from variable sources in real time."
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    PandaStats is a free web tool that gather a bunch of selected information on every registered domain on the world wide web. it collects the data in real time and determined to present that data to every internet surfer and webmaster, Globally - that seek to find that info.It alse looks like pandastats may be using auto-created sub-domains instead of pages in order to be able to rank more urls in Google.
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    Thanks for all your input guys. I have good things about this website and you just confirmed my thoughts. Again, thanks for everyone's input! I was starting to get nervous thinking that my site was going to get banned from Google.
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