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Hi Warriors

Was wondering if products with high average rebill total (lets say 7+ rebills) on Clickbank can be automatically looked upon as good quality products? To me it logically seems that they would be, otherwise why would the average person buying that product stay subscribed for long periods of time.

Also any suggestion why it might be a bad idea to promote a rebill product?


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    Hi Martin,

    I always assume (like you, I think?) that if people aren't cancelling their rebills, and are remaining subscribed for many months, they must feel they're getting value out of it, and that that's a pretty good sign. There are certainly many rebilling products of which that isn't true at all, so it looks good, to me, when it is.

    I know of no particular disadvantages with recurring billing products/services and am happy to promote them when I can.
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    I love promoting rebill affiliate programs..whether it be Clickbank or other affiliate networks.

    It just makes so much sense...make a sale once, and you have someone paying you for months (perhaps even years) to come.

    I would imagine that a program with 7 month rebill average would be a valuable product...or at least appear valuable and it takes the buyer 7 months to figure out it isn't

    But I'm sure it's the former, not the latter...
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    I have had some rebill products still paying me even after 1 year or more. That is really fantastic value whichever way it is, so as long as it's a quality product and people are staying subscribed, there really isn't anything to complain about promoting rebill products vs regular ones.
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    Making money with Clickbank can be hit or miss, depending on the product conversion rate. With Clickbank products you must analyze the data properly and also do some test runs. The products that having rebilling and have a low refund rate - I would say would be the proper Clickbank products to promote.
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    The product seems quality, not you just have to make sure your sales page portrays the product as it is.

    If you make it seem better/different than it is well that will be the cause of your refund rate.

    You're better off promoting tangible goods if you know how to convert but just keep getting refunds
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    Many people buy gym memberships but stop going after a few months but continue to pay their subscriptions. Maybe this could be said for many CB rebill subscriptions.
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    Originally Posted by canhdongz View Post

    I promote a clickbank product, I earn over 400$, but the money refund is 300$
    If it's the one promoted on the site in your sig-file, I'm slightly surprised.

    I think you've published a good review of the product, on a nice-looking site. And the product itself doesn't have a bad sales page (I don't like the exit-pop-up discount at all, but that certainly isn't the cause of your refund-rate: that probably just loses some potential profit on sales to all the people who would otherwise have returned and bought at the full price).

    This clearly can't be the product's overall refund-rate, or even close to it, because ClickBank would quickly remove it from the Marketplace if that were the case (the 7.5% they'd be making on the 25% of unrefunded copies wouldn't cover the processing and administration costs of the 75% refunded), so for some reason your refund-rate is undoubtedly far higher than the average for that product.

    Looking at your site, I can't immediately see why. You're not "doing anything obviously wrong" apart from the fact that you're not building a list, as explained here:

    I can, therefore, only suggest that one contributory cause might be that your traffic isn't well targeted enough, or that your purchasers are for some reason expecting the product to be something different, in a material way, from what it turns out to be. Is your traffic mostly coming from Google?

    These things are usually multifactorial. It may just be a combination of not-very-good traffic and a not-very-good product that perhaps doesn't really work very well? And some bad luck? Noner of these factors is in itself is enough to account for this refund-rate, but added together, possibly they could be? The only other sensible observation I can offer is that you're looking at only a small number of sales, which may not be very statistically significant, and that it might improve? :confused:

    It's also likely that building a list would reduce your refund-rate a little (as well as significantly increasing your number of sales, of course), because it would enable you to do more pre-selling than you're currently able to do with just your site, and an individual affiliate's refund-rate for any specific product does depend on how the traffic's pre-sold and on its original source. But again, that said, I don't think your site's bad at all. So it's puzzling.

    Not a supremely helpful post - sorry - but it's by no means trivially easy to see what's gone wrong, here.
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    I would buy the product and see if its a quality product before promoting it. I buy all the products I promote so I know they are top knotch. If I do not know if its quality how can I have integrity promoting it blindly? I cannot...
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