Does Facbook Advertising Still Convert?

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Does Facebook Advertising Still Convert?

Facebook is shifty. Once you figure something out they change it. Keep in mind the massive demo and psychographic data that they have the pleasure of owning down on their server farms. Here's some hi tech pictures of what it looks like inside theServer farm

I have been using the new status update advertising and getting good results for connections. Anyone else having good results with Facebook advertising?

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    I haven't used FB advertising yet, but it is something that I will definitely look at trying in the near future.
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    I used a while ago, didn't convert anything for me....

    Making money while sleeping... how?? Pm me for more details.

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    This is something I would like to know.

    Quality funnels & solo traffic

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    I've used the service, eaten up my $300 and no conversation. I think FB is only for tagging pics and chat.
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    Its definitely on decline - but it's still very good to promote facebook pages
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    When you buy Facebook ads your traffic will be increased very fast, is very good to get hits to your site, but you will be lucky if you receive 1% conversion from that traffic.
    If you want to make sales, better go with another method.

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      To be honest i think that all the money is in the 'Timeline' for business' and creating your own with a good cover photo is a necessity.

      Good luck
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        Originally Posted by FanPageLinks View Post

        To be honest i think that all the money is in the 'Timeline' for business' and creating your own with a good cover photo is a necessity.

        Good luck
        I would have to agree, having a clean and brandable cover photo has really helped me with conversion with driving traffic and 'likes'. As long as your authenticate and use the rule of 80% content 20% promotion you should be golden!
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    Yes, it definitely works...

    I have a campaign running as we speak.

    So far my average likes is at 4 an hour and 2-3 optins every hour as well.

    That's alright for me..for now at least!
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      Originally Posted by prem khaira View Post

      Yes, it definitely works...

      I have a campaign running as we speak.

      So far my average likes is at 4 an hour and 2-3 optins every hour as well.

      That's alright for me..for now at least!
      Thank god! Someone who is doing it correctly!

      Very little advertising works the first time you send a visitor to the money site, this guy is actually capturing OPTINS!

      If your trying to sell straight from the ad welcome to failure city!

      If your like the guy above who is capturing leads so he can sell LATER congradulations a gold star for you.

      My 2 cents

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    I'm working with the FB sponcered stories ads and these are working to get pepople warmed up to your page.

    Mark Bradley

    I Love Conversion ->> Make your Facbook Pages Convert. Get into the Lab -->> Facebook Conversion Lab

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      I personally haven't used FB Advertising but from what i continue to hear from people who do use it...very little results.

      One friend had been using it for a year and only had 2 people buy from him.

      I think to dominate PPC on anything you have to have a higher than avg budget and you have to take losses for a while.

      This is coming from an inexperienced PPC advertiser who has little experience with it. I've used PPC on google and I saw the traffic and saw the sales but was difficult to break even on the dollars to be competitive.


      Manny Rodriguez Blog:

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        I'm not using facebook ads but the business pages I manage are all doing pretty well in terms of bringing traffic to their sites. I'm always leery of facebook ads because they never convert me so I often wonder how they convert on the business end. For example, I've clicked on many ads for high-end clothes and shoes but I have never purchased anything thru those sites. Its more like window shopping. Now if they were just looking for traffic then my visit would achieve that but they want to convert and I just don't buy much clothing online. I would love to know how much $$$ fb ads bring these big fashion sites though.
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    Facebook ads have never stopped converting. When doing paid advertising you are going to have to be like a scientist. You must configure ads that have a high click through rate to have a decent per click price. You must continue to change the images. You must then have a funnel that converts the visitors into money and makes you more money then you spend for advertising. There are multiple skillsets inside of that process that needs to be learned by education and experience. It can take you months to years to master those skills alone. Stick with it until you become an expert with that one area for it to work for you.
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    Used it a while ago, I mean it does have a bit better targeting that you can do compared to adwords. But just like adwords its become over saturated driving up the price per click which makes it harder to make a real profit with it.
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      I agree with the better targeting capabilities...

      Take a look at the snap shot of 1 of my campaigns below

      Got to love it!
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    I spend $5-$10 a day on Facebook advertising and have had great results with it. I think it all depends on what your offer is. No one is going to buy a $97 IM course after seeing an ad on Facebook.
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    No good for me. I'm an IT guy and still have problems navigating on Facebook's site. Nevertheless... the advertising didn't produce much for me... except for alot of money loss.
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    I don't understand this hype around fb and "soccerbörg" so he is called in TV.(why they not speak his name correct?)
    In TV and Newspaper they all say, that big big big companies spend money on fb ads ,millions of dollars to this soccerbörg site, MILLIONS- I must scream that very loud again, sorry for that.

    So when fb ads not convert, are these big big rich companies really dump when they spend money on fb ads or what is happened there?
    And it will not convert, or very poor and they spend again millions!!!! Read that please.

    Or either these big big internet companies are zionist friends like a synagoge who make donation to the next neighbour to help them ( an old jewish tradition) ??

    On TV I see big advertising agencies, all they say loud how crazy and fantastic fb advertising is, the traffic is sooooooo target, you can specific soooooooo target your fb ad campaign bla bla bla and so on.......

    All liars there?
    I don't understand this, I read that many warriors here are not happy with fb ad results so I will be warned and not
    try this- the only who is making money,relly big money is soccerbörg lol.

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