Building Customer Loyalty

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In business, your most important assets are your customers. The more you have, the more secure and successful your business will be. And one of the best, most effective ways to build customer loyalty is by occasionally surprising your clients with a valuable gift.


Give a small gift to your clients. It can be a small sample of your service - an ebook
Just make sure they are always keeping you in mind.

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    I agree. Customers are your lifeforce to make any kind of income from IM. You need to build trust and keep your subscribers happy. Send them freebies to keep them happy. Everyone loves freebies and are more likely to buy when you put an offer in front of them.
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    Absolutely...everyone likes to receive an unexpected gift every now & then! The key is to make it something that your target market/list of customers would actually want and find valuable.

    If someone gave me a dozen brand-new Titleist proV1 golf balls (top of the line) I would be thrilled...if they are going to give me a $4 golf glove from thanks.

    That is obviously a golf example...but whatever your niche make sure what you are giving away is something of real value!
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  • I don't think the golf glove would be unwanted if you were giving it to a bunch of beginners. The gift has to be tailored to the audience. I also don't think you should give away a whole set of golf clubs, unless you are trying to sell a club membership or possible the golf course.
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      I have heard sending a good ole thank you card in the mail works great for IM since most everything is digital.
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    I think besides giving value and surprising them with more values. There is not much better way to build customer loyalty. Or is there any other suggestion? I included our human touch as one key to it too. We are facing humans and not just mere computer screens.
    Any views??
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