Rich Snippets Testing Tool Suggests Hcard.. what is that?

by David
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Hi gang,

I ran Google's Rich Snippet Testing Tool

and got a report card of sorts for my rel=author attempts

I entered my domain name and found these areas of improvement suggested
umm, I dunno how to do what is being suggested:

what's an Hcard?
Where do I put it?
And is there a wp plug in for that?

copy of report below:
Extracted rich snippet data from the page
entry-title = How DOES Google Choose Who Gets To Be #1
entry-content = Reading time: 5 - 8 minutes Local SEO ( Local Search Engine Optimization ) Get Your Company To Be #1 in Google Local Search Results Mobile SEO ( aka smartphone Google ranking ) - Googling...
published = 2012-06-03
Warning: At least one field must be set for Hcard.
Warning: Missing required field "name (fn)".

name = Permanent link to How DOES Google Choose Who Gets To Be #1
rel = bookmark
url = How DOES Google Choose Who Gets To Be #1 - Local SEO And Google Places Ranking
name = local google advertising
rel = tag
url = local google advertising
name = local seo
rel = tag
url = local seo
name = maryland search engine optimization
rel = tag
url = maryland search engine optimization
Warning: Missing required field "updated".

entry-title = Push Marketing As Web Spam
entry-content = Reading time: 4 - 6 minutes Social Media Presence Without Engagement Is Now Considered Spam. Almost every small business now has some sort of social media presence, primarily on Facebook,...
published = 2012-05-25
Warning: At least one field must be set for Hcard.
Warning: Missing required field "name (fn)"
Now this report from Google re: things my site is missing includes references to "name", and I'm guessing that is some sort of field I have not filled out... but

the Hcard thingy
I've seen a Vcard

Lemme tackle that one first

thanks for any ideas gang
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    Hi David,

    I gather you are trying to add the rel=author markup to your website?
    If thats so, you may want to check out this link here at Google. Its a much more simpler process.

    What is Hcard?
    An hcard is a schema tag or microformat tag for addresses. it allows Google and other search engine index your location easily. This is very ideal for a business with huge local search queries.

    Where to place it?
    Depending on your page setup, best place to place it is on your footer or where you have your address displayed.

    Your rich snippet report shows you need to enter in your address details in hcard format. you can generate that here


    Coming soon
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    Thanks Aemilia, I did that
    the question was posted because I saw Hcard "errors" or "warnings"
    meaning apparently my already verified and confirmed Authorship Linkage to my Google+ profile has "things missing from it"

    Just as we can go to Google Webmaster Tools and see a report on our domains, websites we can go to Google's Rich Snippets Testing Tool

    From what I gather, my "report" is fine, Google reported that it could not find an Hcard

    It may come to pass that this is similar to the "do I need a robots.txt" or not debate.
    I mean my author info does show up when my blog posts are googled, is there any room for improvement is what I'm asking. Google's report says it can't find an Hcard... do I need one?

    David Bruce Jr of Frederick Web Promotions
    Lawyer Local SEO - |

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    Oops, I missed the
    you can generate that "here"
    part of your response, thanks am heading over to hCard Creator to make one, THANKS!!

    David Bruce Jr of Frederick Web Promotions
    Lawyer Local SEO - |

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