Places Where I Can Freelance on the Internet? Please Help!

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Hey guys

I've opened up threads for graphic design and keyword research in the Warriors for Hire thread. I'm looking to make a livable monthly wage and freelancing sounds like a great way (for me) to do it...

Are there places on the web, aside from Warriors for Hire, where I can expand to?


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    Do you have a website?

    - Find other internet marketing forums.

    - Find websites with ugly graphic designs and either call them or send them a solicitation email.

    - Check out LinkedIn - join groups such as digital marketing or any other group that relates to your service.

    - Craigslist ads.

    - Create an ebook explaining how important graphics and KW research is and make it enticing enough that potential customers buy your service.

    I wish you the best. -Lori
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    Hi Habashir,

    You have good skill to be sold!
    You can be freelancer on many IM forums, but I only recommend 2 big IM forums, this forum and wicked fir* (* = e). Create your best sales letter there..
    They are used by many professional IM to sell their service

    Good luck, My dude..


    Imam Hariyanto
    More we do, More we get
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    you can find people who have websites and talk to them but you can also spread the word in other sites the you know lots of people go to all day you can search in google other marketing places spread the word on facebook or youtube ask people every were if they would like to improve the site I hope this was helpful to you
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  • Profile picture of the author ttdub is my favorite.
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    Hey Harith... check out,,

    Best wishes,
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    Hi Habashir, check out these sites:

    Good Luck : )
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      Originally Posted by SamAlnawar View Post

      Hi Habashir, check out these sites:

      Good Luck : )
      This about covers the major ones; but to make a livable wage it can take a lot of projects from them (depending on where you live. Perhaps you don't need much to prosper). Your best bet will be your own website though.
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    very useful thread, lots of place I didn't even hear about before!
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    textbroker is another one you can try out
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    Think outside the box a little. Where do people go to find designers?

    Where do people go to find keywords researchers?

    Do you have a website?

    I find using freelance sites is no good to be honest. So much work for so little money. Unless you can bid on, and complete a very large volume of work and make some good profit then you are better of seeking alternative methods such as social web i.e. flickr, pinterest facebook, youtube etc.
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    When you are starting out on sites like freelancer and odesk be prepared to do a few jobs very cheaply, that way you can build up some feedback ratings to secure better paying work. Also invest some money into setting up with whatever premium account options are available as these usually get hired more as it looks like the freelancer is taking their business seriously. Also make sure you put as much detail in your profile and portfolio as possible.

    I have used these sites alot to hire freelance designers and programmers in the past and this is what I would look for in my freelancers.

    You could also set up a fiverr gig that is quick and easy for you to do and upsell your other services to those clients.

    I hope that helps.
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      I just sent you a resource guide book. Hope it helps!

      Pen Name + 8 eBooks + social media sites 4 SALE - PM me (evergreen beauty niche)

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    Look for clients on Facebook or Twitter who may need your service.
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    Hello Habashir,

    Forums, here , digital point, wicked fire, elance, odesk, witmart...

    Good luck,
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    so many have given input in there, it's time you tried what was suggested.

    for the design you can come here =
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    Actually I use to do this with my own talents and made a lot of money off of elance.

    But lately I switched my efforts to linkedin. Took me a little while to understand how to use it but now I hire and people form linkedin and people hire me from linkedin all the time.

    It is a great resource if used correctly. Set it up right and it should bring in some great income for you.
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  • Profile picture of the author copywrite1988 I found a lot of my clients from craigslist. You can try if you are into writing articles
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