Pushing comments to Facebook Page?

by Tris
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I'm tired... Is this a good idea or does it suck?

I'm setting up a yet another blog right now and just deciding if I should have both Facebook comments AND normal comments. Or Facebook comments only. But then I had an idea....

Instead of either or, maybe I should just leave a link explaining that if you would like to leave a comment, please do it on the Facebook page instead? What do YOU think about that? It means another link to Facebook - also comments are in one place, none on the blog. Of course each post will be linked to from facebook so peeps could potentially just comment on each one that way.

Good idea or should i just go to bed?
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    Fairly reasonable idea - IM is all about testing, so try them both out and see what brings you the results you want.

    To many variables to decide whether your idea will be good or bad - you should be the one telling us, after you've done some testing.
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    Yup! True that, thanks.

    Already started just wanted to see if anyone else is doing the exact same thing I guess.
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      Originally Posted by Tris View Post

      Yup! True that, thanks.

      Already started just wanted to see if anyone else is doing the exact same thing I guess.
      I've done something pretty similar before - it worked pretty well, meaning that the people left the comments where I asked them to.
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    You can only try, it is simple to implement but the only thing I would say it could get confusing as comments won't show what content they are related to and people won't automatically know, where as if they are on the actual blog page they are kept in the right post.

    The other thing is that by having Facebook comments on your blog post you are getting links to that post scattered all over Facebook and that will gain traffic to the post instead of just your fan page, where many people may not see an affiliation and want to check out as much as they would a title in a blog post.

    It is good to think differently though and may work for you, like I say just see if it works and try a different solution if it doesn't.
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      Having someone navigate away from your page to leave a comment, i suggest you don't do that!

      I recommend you accept just facebook comments on your blog just because
      the comments may be posted back to facebook and has the potential of going viral.

      That's max exposure...
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    I find what works best for me is to set up a Facebook fan page for the blog then post a link to each blog post on the Facebook fan page.

    And then at the end of the blog post I write something like this

    If you're not already a fan of our Facebook fan page then you're missing out on half the fun come and join in the conversation and get your questions answered by me and the rest of the community.

    This seems to work very well because they post any questions or comments they have about the article on the Facebook fan page which increases the interaction between me and the Facebook fans and also expands the fan page if they like particular pages or share them with other Facebook friends.

    By doing this I have really increased the fans of my page and built more of relationship with my readers and not only that if they are a fan of the fan page any updates you put about new blog posts on the Facebook fan page will be in their newsfeed which will give you instant traffic to your blog and encourage more interaction.
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