How to build a List for General Niche Site?

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I am making a site which will target low competition keywords in the health, travel, animals etc categories. Since its general and I am wondering on how to make seperate lists for each category?

Is it really possible as each page will be SEOed to drive traffic from Google
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    If you are going the low competition keyword route then I would recommend making a small website for each keyword that you're going to target rather than an overall site for lots of general keywords.

    I found that making smaller sites that are solely developed for that particular keyword perform a lot better in Google than one big site and they also seem to convert a lot better whether that be promoting an affiliate products or list building.

    I found it a lot harder to rank a site for lots of random terms than it is to rank a site that is specifically developed for one keyword.

    Also if you get a Google penalty on one of these sites it doesn't affect the earnings of the other sites where as if you have all the keywords under one site if that site gets a Google penalty or is affected by the latest Google update you lose all your income.
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    I'd recommend a separate site for each category - health, travel, animals, etc.

    For each low competition keyword site, you can realistically strive to be the expert in that niche. If you lump them together, that result is very unlikely to happen.

    You have a good chance of getting high search result position for each.
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    Making 1 site for each keyword? Wont that be too taxing and costly?

    Should I go down to that route?
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    i dont think they mean one site per keyword you find, but splitting it up into categories.

    say all the keywords grouped in one site for health, another for travel, and another for animals. once you get those sites up you could better track your traffic for each niche. as far as building the list, you can create multiple ids on mailchimp, one for each niche, there's probably software out there that should enable you to achieve this though, aweber? havent used it, but maybe take a look into it.
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    Its not really that expensive to make a micro-site I'd recommend outsourcing some of your article creation on fiverr if you got about four or five articles written and got a couple of seo gigs done that should be enough to rank it for a low competition keyword.

    What you need to think about with micro-niche sites is the fact that you are opening your business up to more money making opportunities because with a single website you are very limited to the potential of that site.

    I have made a lot of money doing this just making small sites generally around product reviews but I have done other low competition keywords in the past you just have to keep adjusting your final post until it converts well for the product you are trying to promote.

    There's lots of information online about doing this just Google the term ( micro niche sites ) and it will bring up a whole host of information about building and ranking them.

    Also if you're looking for a good course about this subject George Brown's Google sniper 2.0 is pretty good and covers all the information you need to know about making and ranking them and also outsourcing the work!
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    The thing I learnt about list building in IM niche is the following:-

    1) Adswap
    2) Solo Ads
    3) Classified Ads
    4) Forum Marketing
    5) Article Marketing
    6) Blogging
    7) Video Marketing

    For me personally, I would prefer the slower way of doing things. Which is by Article marketing, blogging and forum marketing, as I'm a person who likes to write things.

    Fundamentals of IM, I would strongly believe is the way we exchange the words that are being shared through the internet.

    To setup a system to make things autorun is something I believe in making a business run smoothly, whether it's IM, conventional business, network marketing industry, and etc etc..

    What are your views?
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