What can I do with people that I have in hand?

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Hi friends,
I have 4 people working with me now. Here is their skill set:

1. He can write content. Not highest quality content, but OK quality content
2. He is a graphics designer
3. He is a data entry operator
4. He is a data entry operator

I hired them for some other job a year back and the project got over now. Now I have all the 4 resources available for full time.

Can you please suggest me how better they can be utilized and how? I have funds to spend on any workable venture.

Thanks and Regards,
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    Two options :-

    1) build a business for your own profit, using those skills. There are a LOT of workable IM business methods here, BUT you need to test things yourself (don't believe the hype!), so pick a few methods and test them, keeping in mind that you want something which can be easily upscaled once you have found that it works.

    2) sell those skills to others who need them. There are methods on "outsource arbritration" where you find a job which pays well, and find some outsourcers who will do it for less, and pocket the difference.

    or do both, and get both short-term and long-term financial progresss at once!

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    Thanks for your suggestion, Chris. This is really helpful. Is there any place where I can get the work for good pay? Actually, I was a successful provider on oDesk and in fact, earned more than 100000 dollars so far there. After that, from the past 8 months I am not active there as I got one offline project and I was busy with that. When I went back to oDesk couple of days back, the current rates are very low that we cant afford to run a company. Can you suggest any other places where we can get projects with good pay?

    PS: I worked on oDesk and eLance so far.

    Thanks in Advance,
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    There's no specific crowdsourcing or internet marketing forum where you could get good paying clients. They are everywhere. You'll just need to find them. Sometimes, just by being an active Warrior in sharing your knowledge, more than just winning some businesses, you'll be noticed by potentially good paying customers. So they will contact you.
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    Thanks for suggestion. That really helps.
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